12 November 2013
How to Get Removal Quotes for your Students Removals W5

How to Get Removal Quotes for your Students Removals W5


Moving is a stressful time for anyone, even those who are experienced and prepared. Being a student in W5, you will not only have to deal with all the complexities in the month or so between finding out your results and actually moving to university, but it is likely that this will also be your first move without your parents. Obviously they will be there to guide you with the process, but as someone who is well on their way to being an independent adult, you may well want to consider taking some of the responsibility yourself. Even if you are a returning student looking for a W5 removal, it can still be a harrowing prospect moving all of your belongings. Student living and moving offers many complications that a normal move does not. Often you will be in your place of residence for a very short time (just nine months in most cases), and the combined stress of moving into the same place as a number of other people can make the procedure slower and more tedious. As such, it might be wise to hire some professional assistance to help you with your belongings. Below are a number of reasons why this might be a good choice, as well as some advice on how to go about it.

Firstly, as a young person in the modern day it is likely you will not own a car, which will provide complications to moving back and forth from university. Furthermore, even if you own a car it may not have the capacity to carry all your goods, as younger people tend to edge towards small vehicles for insurances purposes. Though you may only be in your new home for a matter of months, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice some of your belongings just because they don’t fit in a small car. For a small financial impact, you could enjoy many of the home comforts at university through a W5 student removal. This may help you ease into the transition of living away from home and could be very important to the longevity of your stay at university.

However, it is important to consider the limitations when looking at a student removal W5. Whilst you may well be limited by a small car size, and thus choose to pick a removal service to assist you, you may also be limited by the room size at your new place. In halls of residence especially, this may well be an issue as they tend to be small sized.

As for getting quotes, there are a number of ways to go about this. Firstly, many of the larger companies will offer quotes online if you give some information to them. When moving whole houses, these can sometimes be slightly inaccurate, but because of the limitations of your move this will probably not be the case with a student move. However, you can still always get a free face to face quote, though it may not be necessary. Because of the scale of the move and the access to halls of residence, it may be advisable to go with a more informal man and van service rather than full blown removal. These will not only be cheaper for you at an expensive time, but also be more suitable to your move. Crowding your new home with a whole removal team will only add to the stress of the move, as well as being unnecessary considering the quantity of possessions you will likely be bringing. All in all, a small and more convenient removal service will offer enough for a student removal whilst also being an assistance.

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