03 November 2016
How to Carry Out a Furniture Move in 5 Steps

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Carrying out a furniture removal is often thought to be largely straightforward, and yet we don't always take the necessary precautions to assist us to do so. So how does it work and what needs to be done to make your move simple and effective? Hiring a removal company is always on the list and yet, there are other factors that need to be considered before you proceed. Below is a list of 5 steps that will be beneficial to your move.

1) Make sure you have made a moving checklist of all the furniture that will be travelling. It is easy to assume that you will remember everything. However, smaller items can easily be left behind or forgotten. Ensure that you always have markings and name the boxes, so that whatever the removal company is moving, they can always be found!

moving checklist
2) Figure out what needs moving and where to. One of the most crucial things is that furniture is often heavy, thus not leaving any time to re-move it, when the professionals have left. Say for instance you have a coffee table and you want it to be placed in the living room. What should be important is that when you flat pack it, you should let the moving company know that it goes in a specific place. Nothing is more annoying than a person leaving a bed in your living room and then you being left wondering how to even move it!

moving house
3) Make sure that there are enough people to help you move your furniture. Larger items such as your dining table and your beds will be challenging to move by just one man with a van. Most removal companies often send two or three people, depending on how many things you have. It is your duty to inform your company that is helping you move beforehand. It will also speed up the removal process and make it a lot simpler.

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4) Make a list of everything fragile, especially boxes that have the “handle with care” label on them. Movers cannot always be held accountable, so it is best to handle these items yourself. Create large labels that are easily visible.

moving fragile items
5) When you book a moving van with the removal company, ensure that it is the right size. The reason for this is because if you are unable to fit everything into the van and it has to make two trips, you will be charged for it twice. Alternatively, the van may be too big and you will be charged nonetheless for space you won’t use. Ask the movers before you secure your booking, so that you have the correct size of van for your house move.

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When you follow these 5 steps, you will find your furniture removals simpler. Remember; don't leave everything to the professionals when it comes to your belongings. Be proactive and responsible for all your furniture. It is wise to start planning for the move a few weeks beforehand, as that way you will have enough time to sort out everything. When you plan ahead, it cuts you slack and also enables you have the time to pack everything properly, ready for your big day ahead!

Moving house is already stressful enough; so don't get your furniture labels mixed up. Being organised is incredibly important and you will thank yourself in the future!

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