20 January 2016
How to Avoid Parking Tickets During a Move

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There are many things that you should take intoconsideration when moving house not only in advance to your move, but also on the exact day of the moving. Going to a new area is not only exciting, it is also very challenging. You should get familiar with the area of your new place before you make the actual move. There are some things which you can do in order to save yourself extra troubles when it comes to relocation to the new place.

One of the most challenging things, which many people often overlook, is securing the access to the building that you are moving to, so the movers will have the most comfortable position to park their moving van and unload your belongings from it. The moving company will be very helpful by advising you on the things you should do when it comes to securing safe space on the street in front of both houses in order to avoid getting fined and the need to pay parking ticket fees. Even though the moving company will help you, it is important to think about the things, which you can also do in order to secure yourself the space, which you need not only for the removal van, but also for your personal car.

parked removal van

Make sure that you inform your neighbours about the actual day of your moving, so they can move their cars if necessarily in order to provide the movers the space to park their moving van. You are most likely familiar with the parking regulations in the street that you are currently living at, but you need to familiarize yourself with the parking regulations in the new area that you are going to. It is important to look carefully for the signs and to make sure that you are not violating any of the established parking rules. The signs are very specific when it comes to specifying the days and the timing allowed to park in the specific area. So make sure that you read carefully what it is written.


The regulations vary from area to area and in more central areas it is very difficult to find parking space. You are most likely to need a parking permission from the city for the specific day. The moving company can take care of this for you. It is important to tell you moving company the exact day and time for the moving, so the service provider will advise you on how to take the permission from the city for parking and so that they arrange the other details. Make sure that you will have parking permission for both places – the one that you are leaving and the one that you are moving to. It is important to secure your comfort, the comfort of the movers and your neighbours. There is no need to create additional discomfort by overlooking the importance of securing a parking space for your move.

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In some areas there will be places where you can buy a ticket from and place it on the window of your car. Other areas provide the service to buy the ticket through your mobile device, but this will require additional credit or debit card information. Keep in mind that in very busy areas it is forbidden to stay parked in one spot for more than four or five hours, which can bring a lot of complications for your moving day.

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Be prepared for the move and make sure that you are familiar with the parking regulations of the area, that you have notified the city through the services of the moving company, so you will make moving house a less stressful experience for yourself.

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