13 September 2016
How Can You Spot A Horrible Roommate Before You Move In?

horrible roommate

Having roommates can be a bit of a mixed bag considering people can be pretty hard to deal with at times. On one hand you will be sharing living space with someone else and it won’t always work out great, especially if said roommate happens to be a complete stranger. Before you jump and decide to go for a man and van company without even knowing your roommate you should consider a few things first. To find out whether or not your potential new roommate is a good fit you will need to get to know them somewhat beforehand. Here are some ideas on making it happen before you get the man with a van arriving with your possessions:

interviewing roommate candidates

Interview the potential roommates

It doesn’t have to be anything formal; sometimes just asking questions before moving in is a good start to potential cohabitation. You can have the conversation over the phone, having them fill out a questionnaire or even going with a different, more social networking approach. You would do well to keep your questions on target and to ensure you have some sort of a log if possible if you feel that inclined toward one. It would be best to do this in person for the most part, some time before moving in, so that you can judge their body language and see whether they are genuine in what they are saying or not. Naturally everyone will admittedly say they are neat and responsible, no sane person would ever want to compromise the chance of getting the place. You can, however, learn a lot about a person from their bearing and the way they dress, so keep that in mind before you call the man with van company.


Questioning responsibility

The last thing you want to do is to have to move in with someone who can’t handle their share of the utilities and rent and who will end up leaving you to clean up their mess. Make sure you set up a good schedule for these things and also make sure you have them following it. If they don’t then your life together may end up fast, forcing you to have them out of the way eventually. These may sound like landlord type questions, but you should consider asking yourself these questions as they are part of finding good and reliable co-tenants before moving home. Do that and then have them arrive and bring their belongings via man and van companies or something else.


Ask questions about compatibility

Opposites may attract when it comes down to romantic endeavours, but that is hardly the case when it comes to roommates. As you ask your questions you should share your answers so that there will be no misunderstanding at all. If you are posting any ads for a roommate you should specify the kind of roommate you are really looking for.

check references

Check their references

One thing you may want to do when you live in a big city is to ask for references, especially if you have found your potential roommate via the web. This is the best way to find out whether the roommate’s previous situations have worked out well or not. You can also tell a lot about a person from their social media presence and profiles, so consider that before moving in. With this approach you will have a really good solution, giving you a chance to get to know the person’s habits and who they are based on their social persona.

seeking a roommate

At the end of the day that is all one can do to prepare for the possibility of having a new roommate coming into one’s life and becoming a part of it.

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