14 September 2016
How Can You Benefit From a Move to Hanwell?

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Are you looking to hire a man with van company to move into Hanwell?

Apart from the rich history of the area, you will have a lot to gain from moving to Hanwell. Speaking of history Hanwell has plenty to show, with the first mention of the name dating all the way back to 959 AD, with the origin of the actual name being lost to time.

Points of Interest

Interesting locations here include the Uxbridge Road that was made between Uxbridge itself and Tyburn back in 1714. The tolls collected there allowed for a better surface for said road and led to further improvements in the area. Today one can find a number of places worth visiting such as the local St. Mary’s Church that was built back during 1841. As it stands it happens to be one of the oldest churches by George Gilbert Scott.

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Nature at Arm’s Length

But Hanwell has a lot more to offer than history and great looking churches, as it also has places like the Brent Lodge Park and Animal Centre. The park today has a nice and modern children’s playground and more than 2000 yew trees planted there to make them a part of the Millennium Maze. Other places worth visiting before moving to the area are the Brent Valley Golf Club as well as the Brent River Park.

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The Clock Tower

Hanwell has a clock tower with the same name that was opened back in 1937 as part of the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Although it does not look ancient and it does not quite resemble what one would expect from a traditional clock tower, it still stands as a monument to London itself.

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The Hanwell Carnival

If you are really planning on coming over and living there after a removal with your trusty man and van, then you should consider that living there will give you direct access to the traditional Hanwell Carnival. The carnival is held traditionally on the third Saturday every June, it was meant to raise funds for what today is Ealing Hospital. It is a very popular event today, being the second largest carnival in London right behind Notting Hill, so consider it before you call in a man and a van team to get you rolling.

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One of the best parts of life in Hanwell is that it has great transportation options, with tube stations on the Piccadilly Line as well as the Central Line nearby. If you end up moving house to the area you will have easy access to those as well as multiple railway stations.

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Notable Residents

Many people have frequented Hanwell throughout the years, with quite a few of them being celebrities. Charlie Chaplin lived here for two years back in 1896, Deep Purple rehearsed their unforgettable album “In Rock” in the local Hanwell Community Centre; even Jimmy Hendrix owned a home here.

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At the end of the day Hanwell offers a nice mix of history and culture you will find enjoyable if you decide on moving home here. A man with a van company will be a good start on your way to Hanwell.

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