14 March 2016
Home Moving


house moving uk Man and Van Star is a home moving company that is based in London and has more than ten years of experience under its belt. Our staff is extremely competent and trained and we excel in providing the services of home relocation to not only people moving around in London, but to any other city in the UK and even internationally. We have offices located nationally and internationally making it convenient for us to cover a wide geographical area. Our employees know exactly how to take all your stress and hassle out of home moving. We ensure full safety and protection of all your belongings while offering complete insurance coverage as well. Our range of services is wide and extensive, including numerous job types and customer needs and you can get more information at 020 8746 4391.

The best thing about our removals company is that it has been offering this service for so many years that it understands the ins and outs of the business quite perfectly. This gives us the added advantage over other businesses that are just starting new. Over the years we have been able to prove to our customers how efficiently we work and how skilled our workers are in offering the services we provide. Our constant dedication has awarded us well by building a strong reputation and company name for ourselves in the industry. We offer an extensive array of options that cover all types of customers. We not only cater to individuals looking to move their homes, but we also cater to companies looking to move their offices, or individuals looking to move their studios and personal home offices.

We make sure that our services are affordable by all and because of that we have offered a wide range of packages with different services to cater to all kinds of needs and budgets. The least expensive and most basic service that we offer is the man and van service. This is what any person would need when moving a home, office location, or simply just shipping their belongings from one place to another. This service is not only for personal usage but also works equally well for corporations and business units. It comes with a van that could be of any size, depending on the type and size of goods that you want to ship along with a mover which will help you with your boxes and take your luggage to the intended destination. This service can be easily availed by one phone call to 020 8746 4391.

house moving servicesThe other service we offer is the standard removals service. This service includes more movers and helpers that can assist you with your luggage,loading the boxes and unloading them at your new place. This is usually more suited for large moving jobs in which having just one man or van is not sufficient. For people who are moving their entire home, they have a lot of heavy and bulky items like their furniture and other equipment. For them they normally require to have 3 or 4 large sized vans, with a team of at least 4 workers to help with the load of boxes they have.

Finally Man and Van Star offers the full removals package in which we add the extra benefit of helping our customers with not only their luggage but their packing as well. We provide our expert packers with professional industry standard packing material. Our team arrives at your house and does all you’re packing for you. Along with that they even assist you in unpacking your belongings in your new home. Finally they clean up all the area and leave you to just sit back and relax. If you have any further inquiries, call at 020 8746 4391.

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