29Jul 2015
Helping The Elderly When Moving House To Enfield

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Moving house to Enfield has a seemingly endless list of factors to consider, and can be stressful on the whole family even when everything goes according to plan. For people who are getting on in their years, the whole process can be even harder, and they may need a considerable amount of help before you can finally settle into the new place. If you’re left in charge of helping an elderly family member or friend with moving home to EN1, there are a few things you should consider to make the whole thing as comfortable and easy for them as possible.

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For many people, probably closer to your age, moving house is seen as a positive and exciting step. It could be the first time they become a fully independent adult, or relocating into a larger place to make room for a growing family. For the elderly, on the other hand, moving house to Enfield, EN1 is more likely to be tinged with a certain amount of sadness. They may be moving into a care home because they can no longer function independently, or moving in with the family of one of their adult children, and be worried about becoming a burden on them. The important thing with these factors is to be as considerate as possible, acknowledge the elderly person’s feelings on the matter, and try to put emphasis on the positives of the move. Another point to remember is to begin the removals process as soon as possible. The elderly are not only physically slower than you probably are, but also may come across old photographs and other things with memories attached to them in the packing process. They will probably want to take some time looking over these, and moving will be much more comfortable for them if you leave them more than enough time.

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Although this applies to almost any move, you should begin planning early, and break the whole ordeal into short, manageable tasks. Your elderly parent or friend may find the whole idea of moving home very overwhelming, which can be helped by you managing everything efficiently and tackling one problem at a time. Get quotes from removal companies as early as possible, and draw up a thorough and well thought-out moving checklist. Seen as you’re reading this article, you’re probably at the head of this move, but be sure not to let this position intrude on an elderly person’s preferences and judgement. Although you’re taking most of the physical labour, remember to ask the person who is moving to Enfield how they would like things done rather than making hasty assumptions to keep everything moving. Even if they’ve left such decisions entirely to you, try not to leave your elderly parent or friend out of the relocation process. Suggest manageable tasks to them like labelling boxes or packing everything from a certain part of the house.

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Once the bulk of the work has been done, and the elderly person you’re helping is all unpacked, there are several other things you can do to help them settle into their new home. Making sure they can keep in touch with everyone is one such detail you can take care of. Make sure to draw up some cards informing everyone of your parent or friend’s change of address, and send these out a couple of days before the move to EN1. Aside from leaving their previous part of town, an elderly person may also be moving far away from known friends and acquaintances. Help them settle in by making introductions with the new neighbours, and visiting often in the time immediately after the big day.

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