09 September 2016
Health Risks to Beware of when Moving

health risks of moving

Moving house is quite the difficult activity and not only because it involves a lot of planning, communication with at least seven different companies, and starting two months before the actual move and then a big strain of effort at the end. House relocations are also difficult because often times they are a source of health risks. You can go down during a move for a variety of reasons, none of which will involve any accidents on the road. All the effort you put in a move can affect you in a variety of ways and you need to find out how to be more careful when dealing with that. Here are some of the risks that moving home entails.

Physical Risks

Let’s start with the obvious. It’s easy to hurt yourself while moving and there is a reason why people employ professional movers to do the house removals and don’t do it themselves. It’s very simple to pull your back or strain something while loading a heavy box or a piece of furniture into the moving van. You are always at risk of getting hurt while carrying anything heavier than a lamp. So sometimes it’s much better not to be a hero and just let the professionals do it. That is what they are paid for, they know the risks and they know how to act and react in any situation.

moving house

Then there is also the dust. You don’t really have an idea how much dust you have accumulated around the house until you have to move the piece of furniture which you never move. When that bed frame is separated from the wall, or you move the wardrobe for the first time in a decade, expect a huge cloud of dust that is sure to cause some damage if you don’t immediately step back and avoid inhaling any of it. End of tenancy cleaning sometimes is not only done to please the landlord.

end of lease cleaning

Mental Risks

And then there is the problem with stress. The most common problem with all moves is the heightened feeling of anxiety. It is quite problematic with some people who cannot keep their emotions in check and their worry manifests in a physical manner. Sometimes too much anxiety can cause physical rashes and stress can manifest in actual illnesses. Heightened emotions can also cause actual pain as it reacts to your nerves and as you think the moving process painful, it becomes physically painful to think about. After all, it is important to keep anxiety and stress away not just because of the damage they are doing inside.

stress of house removals

The mental damage itself is also dangerous. Stress highlights and magnifies all emotions and feelings during the move. Fear, anxiety, anger, etc. – all of them will be heightened senses and you will be vulnerable to mood swings and outbursts. The most important thing which you should do when moving is keep your wits about you and don’t think of anything else other than the move. All alien thoughts will be useless and all ‘what if...’ scenarios will be your enemy. You need to be focused on the move lest you start making decisions which will hurt the move more than actually make it more secure.

house relocation anxiety

Moving home is not as hard as it sounds. You have full control over all of these risks. Outside of accidents, you can make sure that nothing befalls you or your family during a relocation. Plan, then stick to the plan. Find the right help and give them the proper job, and then there will be no health risks to worry about.

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