14 September 2016
Get Your Kids Excited about the Upcoming Move

moving house with kids

Every year millions of people all around the world move house in the hope of finding a better job and a better life. House relocation can be rather stressful and unpleasant for you, but it can be even scarier for your kids. Children are usually not so thrilled about the move. Depending on their age, they can get depressed or even angry with you. This is the time to take a few steps in order to make your kids feel a little bit more enthusiastic about the whole house removals process. Here you can find some tricks that you can use to get your kids excited about the upcoming move.

1) Talk with them and explain your current situation

Your kids need to know what is going to happen. They have to be prepared for the upcoming move. The sooner you tell them about your decision to move, the easier it will be for them to accept it. Keep in mind that it won’t happen overnight. They need some time to adapt to the new situation.

house removals preparations

2) Visualise your new life

Spend more time with your kids making some great visions for your future life in the new house. You can also show them photos of the house and the new neighbourhood. Focus on the things that you know your kids will love the most. Make some plans for decorating their new room in a way that can make them feel more comfortable in it.

new playroom

3) Pack all of their favourite items

When using a man with van service, make sure you pack all of the kids’ favourite items and that they are loaded on the removal van. This way they will have something familiar in the new house. Put the boxes with their toys at the back of the moving van so that they can be among the first items that you will unload and unpack.

packing toys

4) Have fun while moving

On moving day, try to be relaxed and positive as children like to mirror their parents’ reactions. If you are running around the man and van worrying about everything, then your kids will assume that it is a stressful situation and something bad is going to happen. You need to set a good example. Have fun while loading all of your items. Spend time with your children and involve them in the house moving process. You can create some wonderful moving memories together.

have fun during relocation

5) Let your kids help you

By assigning different tasks to your kids on moving day, you will make them feel useful. They can become your little assistants. Let them do simple things like packing their own toys or labelling the boxes. If your kids are older, you can give them a moving checklist with different tasks that need to be done. Make sure that they are having fun and they will forget about complaining.

house movers

6) Conquer the unknown territory together

Kids fear the unknown. That is why you need to introduce them to the new neighbourhood. Go out for a walk together and see if there are any playgrounds around your house. Your children need to have lots of opportunities to make new friends. It is also a good idea to let your kids sign up for some activity in the area. They need to try new experiences and meet new people so that they can more easily adapt to the place.

overcome house moving challenges

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do so that you make it easier for your kids to accept the changes when moving home. Try to make the moving day as entertaining as possible. Don’t let your kids feel miserable because of the huge change they are going through. Try to understand them and listen to everything they have to say. They need to know that moving house is something normal and it can be actually very good for your family. Always try to stay positive and visualise your amazing life in the new home with your kids.

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