24Nov 2015
Get Drunk Like the Locals in Fulham

Getting Drunk Like the Locals in Fulham

In a cold and lonely night one might feel the urge to take the local pubs for a spin and try what they have to say about getting drunk in Fulham. The result?

The White Horse
The aptly named “The White Horse” offers you the chance to gallop through a few different decor ideas making for a salad which has a taste resembling the one offered at the bar. And once you get tired of it, you can always challenge one of the regularly visiting rugby players for a show of strength for a swift departure.

The Cock Tavern
And speaking of cock fights, you will get less of those in the Cock Tavern, but this is balanced by the variety of eras incorporating its interior – you could end up anywhere between 1920 and 2015, unless you stare too long into the bar staff’s beards; then you will end up outside and away from the amazing beer and cider on offer.

The Captain Cook Pub
ARRRRGH you ready for an adventure in The Captain Cook pub and hotel situated one on top of the other? Well, you won’t be getting any if you say that. So do stay away from pirate slang for as long as you can and enjoy the French and British cuisine on offer along with the good beer and wine and yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.

The Arbiter
After you walk the plank out of the Captain Cook, you could seek out more entertainment with your drinks. In that case you should join the lively atmosphere on offer in the Arbiter. Reasonable prices and exquisite décor along with friendly staff serving great drinks make for a great few hours.

Vagabond Wines
But if you are not a fan of ale and prefer the wine’s finer taste, then you can get your taste buds moving in Vagabond Wines. It offers elegant interior and over 100 types of wine to taste or buy. If you do like beer, you can still visit to get the night moving with a few glasses, of course.

And after all that, if you are still on your feet, then kudos to you, you alcohol machine. Do not under any circumstances enter a driver’s seat side of a vehicle, and try to keep your shoes clean while getting safely home for a pleasant night of utter oblivion.

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