12 September 2016
Celebrating Father’s Day in the UK

celebrating Fathers Day

The third Sunday of June will soon arrive and it will again be time to celebrate Father’s Day in the UK. And what happens on Father’s Day? Well, you celebrate fathers, naturally. Take a moment to think about your old man, his old man, and your spouse’s old man as well. This is the time of year where paternity gets the respect it deserves and which it so craves all other times of the year. People all over the UK will make an effort to call a man and van and make a loaded trip over to their fathers’ place for a visit, to see how the man is doing and how you can make this day special for him.

The Preparation

Children learn about Father’s Day in schools where many teachers get them prepared for the event. They will work on the fine arts and have them handcraft small gifts to commemorate their fathers with – a small card with a big thank you, a collage, some adornments for photos and so on. Fathers and grandfathers shall not be ignored as long as the UK educational system has anything to say.

craft gifts

Grown-ups sometimes like to take a different approach. They take a leave from their work, call their moving company and plan a trip. A little vacation with the whole family will tell your father just how much you care. How about throwing all caution to the wind and renting a small flat for a week at a nice village, around the countryside, or why not abroad? Get the man and van over to take your things there and you travel with your pops. That will be one promising day that he will definitely remember.

man and van

The Gifts

Fathers deserve gifts, right? The tradition is usually to give the father something simple, like socks or undergarments. Something practical he will enjoy the most. Maybe a tie to show off at work or among mates. And slippers will never go out of fashion. And it is probably for the best that these are the traditional gifts, since it’s a hard task to shop for your father. As Dylan Moran says, nobody really knows the dad. Fathers are considered an element and a force, but not really a human being with a character, since we are all busy with dealing with our own characters. And venturing to give your dad that third chocolate remote control might not be the best idea. Keep it simple, provide a practical gift which he will expect anyway, and there will be no disappointments.

Fathers Day gifts

The Outing

The least you can do on Father’s Day is take the old man to a pub. Have him celebrate the day – his day – with a pint of lager at his favourite place, or take him to a bigger and nicer place, spoil him a bit. Honour thy father and have a conversation about him. Fathers don’t want anything fancy – a pint and some talking and this is as simple as paternal satisfaction can be achieved. There will barely be any effort on your side.

celebrate in the pub

Father’s Day is nigh and it’s time to plan on how to surprise your old man. Prepare a nice practical gift or take the old man for a spin and a family trip with a van hire. Gift a card and take him out in some local and quaint pub where time with his child will be most enjoyable. Father’s don’t really need all that much to be content – they just need your attention, your respect, and the knowledge that you remember them as a person. Happy Father’s Day!

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