12 November 2013
Ask about Insurance when Hiring Self Storage Dulwich

Ask about Insurance when Hiring Self Storage Dulwich


Hiring self storage in Dulwich is a great way to put some things to the back of your mind during a move. Storage is a multipurpose tool, it could be used for a few days if your removal and moving days didn’t quite match up, it could be used to try and stagger your removal process to make the whole experience easier, it could be used for the longer term whilst you try to find your perfect home or simply to de-clutter your house. Self storage Dulwich can and is a something you should always consider as an option when moving, but often people worry about how safe this service can be. It can be very difficult to try and release some of your beloved possessions into a third party’s hands, out of sight and out of reach, so you should be aware of the measures that are in place to protect your goods from any damage or inconvenience that may deter you from hiring self storage Dulwich.

Firstly, though it varies from company to company, most of the more respectful and larger self storage chains will offer comprehensive insurance for your goods. You may well have to prove that they got damaged or stolen after going into storage, so keeping a full itinerary and photographic evidence of your goods is essential in order to prove any damage has been done to your goods. However, the insurance works in two ways. Obviously it protects your goods, but it also ensures that those who offer insurance take every step to make sure they won’t have to pay for damages, which means that no corners will be cut when considering the safety of your possessions. This gives peace of mind to many customers and ensures a quality service for those who wish to purchase self storage.

Furthermore, beyond the physical insurance policy, there are a number of measures taken at the facilities themselves to help ensure that nothing can go wrong with your goods once in storage. Many places will have such measures as security cameras placed around the site, electronic and personal key cards to protect the lockers, regular patrols, as well as large, well lit hallways for when you are actually at the lockers. All of this increases the chances that there will be no risk to your goods whilst in storage. You have to remember, it is to everyone’s benefit that the self storage is a smooth and easy process.

It is of course important to research individual companies before looking to hire self storage. Though the vast majority of self storage companies can offer a reliable and vital service to assist you, it is imperative that you look into the small print regarding insurance policies and the various restrictions placed on the storage locker. If you are late on payments or possess some banned materials within your locker, it is conceivable that the insurance policy will not be valid and your goods will no longer be protected. The list of prohibited goods can be quite extensive so be sure to check with the individual companies’ representatives to clarify and solidify your position
Hopefully this can clarify what self storage lockers can offer you. Sometimes storage lockers can give an imagined impression of an unsecure, dank environment but nowadays this is far from the truth. They have become the centre of a large and streamlined industry. This doesn’t mean you do not have to tread with caution, ultimately the more you know about the protection of your goods the better you can protect them.

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