13 January 2016
Are You Moving Out? Donate to Red Cross Charity Shops

donating to the Red Cross

When in the middle of making a moving checklist for your relocation, you are bound to find items that you have not had any use for quite a while now, and you probably won’t find any in the foreseeable future. When moving house you only want to take essentials, sentimental items, clothes, and appliances with you, so that leaves pretty much everything you have in the garage, basement, cellar, and some of the closets. So what will you do with all of these? Throw them out? Repurpose them? Give them to a friend or neighbour?

How about this: why not donate them to a Red Cross charity shop?
Red Cross charity shops will have plenty of use for any single item you can spare. They will take from you most of the items you can spare from your house, and will sell it in charity drives to earn money to help their cause. They will make much more use of everything you have to offer than you, so if you really have no intention of using something from your old house and didn’t intend on taking it to the new one, then why not donate? The work in the Red Cross is largely volunteer work and it only aims to help as many people as possible, but that can come to be only by your donation as donations is what the Red Cross works mainly with. And if you are considering donating, then here is how you can be of the utmost help.

old records

The Red Cross will happily take away from you every piece of clothing you have to offer. Even if it cannot be sold, a variety of clothing can be given to the needy. All the extra clothes you have in your new closet will only take space, and giving away some of them will give you an opportunity to freshen up the wardrobe, and you can even buy new ones without being afraid that you will have nowhere to put them.


You need to do some researching to see which charity shops can accept furniture. These are heavy items that take a lot of space, so you need a bigger charity shop, one that both has the space and the clientele to make use of them. You should probably find the charity shop near you and ask whether they accept furniture, and if not, where can you can find a shop that will.

old furniture

Books and Toys
All charity shops will gladly accept a load of toys or books as, just like clothing, they will always have customers in wait to buy them. Entertainment always sells well, so the charity shops will be thankful for every such donation.

donating books

Electronic Appliances
This also requires some asking around and research. Just like with furniture, you have to know which shops can accept electronic appliances. Most of them will gladly take a toaster or a party grill off your hands, but for the bigger items such as fridges, ovens, and so on, you will have to find the charity shop that has the capacity and clientele for them.

old electronic appliances

Throughout the years you are bound to get a few services of tableware. You probably got a few just on your wedding day, and you have no plans on using half of them. A charity shop will accept such an offering as it will help them a lot with their cause once it gets sold. Same goes for glassware.


So before the actual relocation starts, clear your belongings from all the unnecessary items and donate them to the nearest charity shop. The Red Cross will be happy with every single item that doesn’t go in your removal van. Help the cause in any way you can, and donate – they will accept even the smallest of donations.

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