13 September 2016
Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Removal Companies

questions about moving companies

When it comes to hiring the right removal company, it pays off to be prepared with enough information. This means doing a thorough research and understanding every aspect of the process so that you can make an informed decision and hire the best man with a van team.

There are key aspects to the work of every big moving company you need to look at. This often means spending hours in research and calling a few times to get things cleared out. It is an investment of time, which you might not have. The following guide aims to give you the most important questions and answers so that you know what to expect in the general case.

prices of moving services

- Question 1: How much is it going to cost? - The one thing you are likely most interested in during your move is how much it is going to cost. If you have just bought a new home to move to and you are still renovating it, knowing the price of your moving service is of utmost importance. That will allow you to figure out your budget and whether or not you can afford a certain company. Most firms will be able to provide you with a free quote on their services, but do keep in mind it is not always the final price.

price calculations

- Question 2: How is the price formed? - There are several factors that determine the total price of your home removal. Most companies charge based on the time it takes the man with a van team to finish from arrival at your home to unloading your belongings. Additionally, they charge for the volume of belongings they load on the removal van. However, there are additional services, which you may have to pay for, for example packing and insurance options.

relocation time frame

- Question 3: How long will the removal take? - This may be important to you, in case you have deadlines to follow, but keep in mind that not all companies will be able to be specific in their answer. Part of the difficulty comes from unforeseen contingency factors, such as traffic, bad weather, accidents, etc. It is the specifics of your move that determine the time it would take to complete, and it is not always possible to know those for sure.

booking removal services

- Question 4: How far in advance should you book a man with van service? - Every respectable company out there will tell you this: book as soon as possible. The earlier you set your move out date, the more time you will have to make preparations and address all of the aspects surrounding the move. Early booking gives you peace of mind, which is a great added bonus.

packing services

- Question 5: What are the most common moving packages available? - Every company offers a list of services, which feature different jobs. As a general rule of thumb, a full pack features providing the moving materials, packing and in some cases unpacking. The most basic service features just the transportation process, in which the movers take your belongings after you have packed them.

payment method

- Question 6: Is it ok to pay in advance? - It is quite normal for a removal company to ask for an upfront payment. That is ok if you know for sure the company is a reputable one and will not disappear with your money the moment you pay them.

These are some of the most important aspects to hiring a removal service. Do a thorough research and you will be able to select the best service for your needs so that you experience a trouble-free move.

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