12 September 2016
A New Trend in Self Storage: Mobile Storage

mobile storage

Customer services are evolving and there are so many new things on offer today. You will be surprised at the numerous things most companies have come up with to make people’s lives better and more convenient. All the practical services of today’s world are becoming better and better, and bring you all sorts of new and exciting things. Moving companies in particular make lives so much easier with the amount of new services they offer. The man and van is still one of the best ways to move house, and yet they keep going and present you with the new fad: the mobile storage.

How Useful Is Storage to You?

It means that you have a place to hide something, a place to store clutter, a place to keep things you do not want thrown out away from the hands of your spouse. But so far using self storage has meant that you either had to drive up to the storage facility to unload your belongings, or hire a man with van or just a removal van to drive your things to the storage depot. But now you have the mobile storage option.

removal van

How Does It Work?

With this little precious service you get the storage delivered to your front door! All you need to do is call the removal company, ask for mobile storage and wait. At the appointed time and date you will be notified that your storage unit has arrived. Look out the window and you will see a van, pulling a storage unit – your personal storage unit. You can load whatever you want inside – the driver will not interfere and only you know what goes in there. Then the container – the locked and secured container to which only you will have access to – is taken away to the facility, where it remains safely kept and guarded until you call it back to load it some more or unload whatever you placed inside.

storage unit

How to Use It?

There are so many ways in which such a service can be helpful to any person. Apart from the aforementioned storage options, it can also be used as a swift way to move without packing. Or a method of downsizing before a relocation. You can fully substitute the man with a van hire with a mobile storage unit to place all the boxes from your flat or house, then drive off to your new address with little more than a handbag or a backpack, and then call the company to bring you the storage unit and unload the things whenever you are ready to unpack.

house removals

All the benefits you get from this service are outstanding. You no longer have to leave the home to do your de-cluttering. Anything you take out will be kept safe and surveyed. And you do not even have to worry about things like refuelling the removal van or petrol costs. This storage solution is like an extra garage space where you can place all currently unused items and get back to them whenever you are ready for them. Or even finally find a place to keep the secret presents hidden from your noisy kids (or spouse!).

safe storage

Make use of the new services that your favourite removal companies offer. They will think of all new sorts of ways to keep you on your sofa while they do the work. And so long as they are offering, why now, right? Make life easier with whatever they have for you and enjoy the benefits you get from it. Mobile self storage is not something to miss – it’s a much simpler way of dealing with your belongings.

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