12 September 2016
8 Things to Know About Moving In Summer

summer removals

So you have finally decided on a moving date and just so it happens that it is during the summer.

Now, while it is true that most people prefer this season, as the weather is nice and the man and van companies are most active, there are few factors that make this a challenging task. It is advisable that you avoid moving in the summer whenever possible, as that would mean extra stress, work and expenses. All moving companies are busy and you will find it hard to find a free booking date for your move. However, sometimes you have no other option. Here are few things you should know about this task and how to handle it:

planning removals

- Plan ahead - if there is one piece of advice that is universal for all summer moves, it is this: start planning at least 2-3 months in advance. Not only is it a good idea to do so to guarantee you have plenty of time to prepare, but it is a realistic representation of the availability of man with van services. Otherwise you could end up in trouble, such as finding out that the moving schedule of the company you have chosen is full for the next 4-5 weeks.

moving date

- Aim for the least busy week days - try to book a man with a van team for the middle of the month. Avoid weekends, as they are the busiest of all and will likely be out of the question.

packing services

- Think about packing - if you are well-organised you will likely be able to pack yourself. However, if at first you say you don’t require packing service from the man and a van team and later decide you need it, it is highly likely they won’t be able to provide it. The solution is to properly figure out your needs and deal with the job promptly.

moving house

- Be flexible about your time - let’s be clear on this: there is an awful lot that can happen during a move. From unforeseen contingencies to delays and cancellations. The way to plan for such scenarios is to make a flexible schedule, which will give you some breathing space if things don’t go as planned. Have a plan B ready, and be prepared to resort to it, because that is exactly what might happen!

domestic removals

- Pay attention to heat-vulnerable items - depending on where you want to move, you might have to endure extremely hot temperatures. Keep this in mind and protect your items or avoid packing such. For instance, candles can easily melt over all of your other stuff, creating a gooey disaster in the moving van. Don’t wrap leather upholstered furniture in plastic, as it might sweat; instead use padding.

house movers

- Show some understanding towards the movers - imagine working hard in the mid day sun. It is a struggle for the man with van team, so offer them a break in a cool room and have a refreshing non-alcohol drink ready. They will appreciate such gestures big time and be more focused on their work, which in turn benefits you as well.

ceiling fan

- Be considerate about air-conditioning - keep in mind that once the movers arrive at your home, its door will remain open for a few hours. Which means the temperature inside will equal that outside. Don’t be surprised if you see a spike in your electricity bill, as air conditioning will go on for hours if you let it.

moving with pets

- Take care of your pets - don’t forget about your pets, especially if you have a cat or a dog. It is best to keep them somewhere isolated, else you risk seeing them dart out the open door when the loading job starts. Make sure you don’t neglect their needs and keep water and food ready.

That covers most of the points about moving in the summer. Remember to plan ahead and stay out of trouble for a successful house removal.

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