25 January 2016
7 Tips for a Great Erasmus Semester Abroad

Erasmus semester abroad

Why is studying abroad with the Erasmus programs such a great opportunity for students from across the world? The possibility to travel, explore and learn new things promises you a one-of-a-kind experience that gives you new perspectives on life, cultures, studies, and even yourself. Think of this extraordinary trip as a temporary relocation without the hassle of using house movers. You will immerse yourself into the world of local students, from the academic experiences in the universities, to their after-class way of life full of fun and new things to do.

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One of the best parts of the Erasmus programs is that they continue for a relatively short period of time, usually for one or two semesters. This means that students don’t need to think of house removals or hiring moving companies. Young people have the chance to taste the way of life in another country but they will still keep the focus on their education and development in their own countries. Erasmus will not distract you from your goals and path, but instead it will enrich your knowledge and experiences. Studying abroad opens up an abundance of new possibilities for growth and development, both in personal and professional aspect.

How to make the most of your time during an Erasmus semester in a new country?


1. Time for preparation – before you create your moving checklist for the Erasmus program, spend some time in researching different information about the destination where you’ll live and study. Learn more about the local culture and customs. Find out what the tourist highlights are. Study the local language.

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2. Explore the university programs – one of the most important things when joining Erasmus programs is to decide what you want to study in the new country. You will embark on a unique experience that will introduce you to different educational systems.


3. Lower your expectations and try to not get too stressed out during the first days. Living abroad on your own is a not an easy thing to do. It is normal to feel uncomfortable and distant in the first days and even weeks. Get inspired by the famous expression “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and try to immerse yourself in the local way of life of students.

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4. Capture the precious moments – every part of your Erasmus program is a special experience that is worth saving. Keep a journal or a diary and don’t forget your camera everywhere you go.

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5. Keep in touch with your family – when you are travelling alone, you might start feeling homesick. Your family will support you and encourage you even from a distance. From Skype to mobile applications, today there are numerous ways to connect to your loved ones.


6. Make friends and join different events happening in the area. Erasmus is all about experiencing new cultures and places. Grab every opportunity to learn something new.

studying abroad

7. Studying is your main focus – Erasmus aims to bring different opportunities for students by offering them cultural exchange experiences and possibilities to enrich their skills, knowledge and expertise. Living the life of local students will give you the most cherished memories with all the fun and new experiences you will enjoy. Combine studies with entertainment and brace yourself for a trip to remember.

Who knows, some day you might think of relocation to London or another destination where you want to build a career or advance your education. Erasmus will broaden your horizons and show you the world from different perspectives.

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