22 March 2016
7 Things You Should Not Forget to Do During Relocation

house relocation

If you are about to move to a new home, you are undoubtedly under a lot of stress. With multiple tasks to address and a deadline drawing closer, it’s not surprising that you are far from feeling comfortable.

During the chaos of packing and unpacking, researching moving companies, arranging things at your new home and all the other tasks, it is important to keep a cool head and approach the job with due attention. A home removal consists of many little details that you should not fail to address. To forget about them means making things harder for you, and that is far from perfect. Pay attention to all of the following:

-    Do not delay preparations - there is nothing more important during house relocation than proper planning and organisation. Leaving anything to chance is a recipe for disaster. Start the planning process way in advance. That will give you enough time to consider possible setbacks and work around them to experience a stress-free move.

home moving preparation

-    Make a moving checklist - go through each of your rooms and list the items that you are going to move. This is important for two main reasons. One, you will be able to estimate the volume of your home removal and thus calculate how much it’s going to cost based on the quote you receive from your moving service provider. Two, it guarantees that you do not forget anything behind or lose anything in the moving process.

moving checklist

-    Acquire enough packing materials - since you will be using removal boxes to contain your items during transportation, you need to acquire enough of them. It is better to have a few in reserve than find out halfway through packing that you don’t have enough for all of your belongings. The quality of the boxes is another important factor for a successful move you have to focus on. Buy boxes made out of sturdy cardboard, which will last and not tear.

packing materials

-    Pack carefully - this one is very important. The last thing you want is to damage or break your belongings during the move. One way to avoid this is to use certain packing supplies to cushion the insides of a box and ensure nothing bad happens to fragile items inside. Another thing you must keep in mind is to carefully decide what goes inside each box. Don’t just toss your belongings in the boxes without order.


-    Lift boxes the right way - If you don’t want to hurt your back, you must remember to properly lift boxes and other items by squatting, not bending over. This may as well save you days of pain and also make the process easier.

domestic removals

-    Use gloves - blisters on your hands are no fun, especially since you will be involved in numerous tasks when you get to your new home. A pair of gloves will not only save you from that, but also make carrying somewhat easy. Definitely not superman-like easy, but still.

protective gear

-    Call for help - if you have good neighbours or relatives who live nearby, it is advisable to call them for help. Another pair of hands is going to reduce the work you need to do, and speed up the process greatly. Your family and friends will be of huge help throughout the move, not just for the physical tasks, but also to provide support and encouragement. Do not hesitate to call on them. Naturally, help may also come from a man and van service, which you can book with a local company.

moving company

Now that you know some of the specifics, it should not be too hard for you to organise an easy home removal. Go through each of these tips again and make sure you implement them all during your move, for they can make a difference for the better.

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