22 February 2016
7 Things NOT to Take with You when Moving

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House relocation involves careful planning and you should take all the time you can find to think about some of the things that a move will entail. One of those things is the packing process – when should it begin, what should it start with, how should it go, what packing materials to use, etc. You should focus on what to pack, of course, but there are still people that are not aware that there are things that you should actually NOT pack and NOT take along when on a move. Here is a list of things you should avoid when planning the house removals.

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1. Dangerous Items
Of course that number one on the list will be the dangerous items. Do you have cans of fuel, registered weapons or any explosive items? All those should be packed separately and you should actually think long and hard whether you really need them and want them along for the ride. And this list also covers illegal items. If you had a wild night last week and keep evidence to prove it, you’d be wise to dispose of it rather than leaving it in a cardboard box for show.

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2. Waste
Come on, nobody needs waste. Moving house is supposed to get you out of the waste you are leaving behind, so whatever rubbish and waste you have at your old place, take care of them with a clearance service and lighten your load. No point in dealing with that on an already stressful day.

perishable items

3. Perishable Items
Your fridge should be emptied before the move, but not in the packing boxes. If you have frozen food and you are not taking the freezer, then donate the food, or give it to your former neighbours. You don’t want any foods and supplies that could go bad along for the ride. If you make the mistake of doing it, you will know why right after you open the box where you kept it.


4. Valuables
Surely you have a bank account somewhere. Use it and deposit all valuable items like jewellery and documents. If you need them, take them back after you are done with moving house and you are comfortably settled in.

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5. Plants from Your Garden
Why take along cut-outs from your garden, when you can simply grow them at your new place. Old plants will a) be an additional burden to carry, b) require more efforts packing, and c) possibly not survive the move itself. Not to mention that your new location might not have the proper conditions to grow the exact same plants, so it’s always better to start anew.

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6. Cleaning Products and Consumables
Packing is for important things. Clothes, furniture, valuable items – that’s important. All the consumables in your house can be replaced after moving house. Don’t put in too much effort in packing extra boxes and bringing yourself extra costs from the moving company for items you can literally buy the day after you move from the local corner shop.

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7. Regret
Last, but not least, you should definitely take no regrets with you. Looking back is always a mistake and you should not be glancing about for trigger warnings. You want to look ahead and be happy with your choices, so do not try to find reasons why moving home is a mistake. Be happy with what you do and all the stress in the world will be lost on you.

Avoid doing these things and see how better life on the road to your new home can be. This way you make both packing and unpacking easier, and you will not give the house movers too many reasons to complain about, or even endanger their lives, depending on what you are packing. After all is said and done, you can enjoy your new life without the burdens from your old house.

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