14 September 2016
7 Items that Will Make Your Move That Much Easier

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Moving house is a big step in everyone’s life. It can be rather stressful though because of all of the planning that needs to be done. You have to pack, load, transport and unpack all of your things. Making a good plan is essential in order to know what exactly to do and where to start. Further down you are about to read about the items that will definitely help you make house relocation much easier.

1) Boxes and tape

You should definitely have plenty of boxes and tape as you will need them for the packing. You can go to the local grocery store and get used boxes or you can contact your removal company to provide you with new boxes.

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2) Moving crates

Moving crates are much sturdier and more reliable than cardboard boxes. They are easy to use and can store lots of heavy items. Your belongings will be better protected. Moving crates are more durable and even water-resistant. The man and van firm that you hire can offer you such boxes.

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3) Labels

When packing, make sure you label all of the boxes so that you know what they contain and which room of your new home they are supposed to go in. Once you get the boxes off the moving van you will thank yourself for labelling them properly. Unpacking will be so much easier and faster.


4) Clear plastic bin

You can put all of the things you are about to need first in your new home in a clear plastic bin. Pack some cutlery, phone chargers, paper towels, etc. The clear plastic bin will allow you to see all of the items which are inside and find the ones that you need.

plastic containers

5) Blankets

When loading your items in the removal van you can protect your valuable items from scratching by wrapping them with moving blankets. You can also wrap your dishes or glasses in blankets or clothing too.

moving blankets

6) Plastic wrap

Use plastic wrap to stabilise your boxes from tipping over in the van. It can also prevent dust and dirt from getting to your belongings. You can use plastic wrap to secure furniture doors and drawers as well.


7) Overnight bag

You can put some clothes and toiletries in a bag so that you can easily find your essentials. You probably won’t be able to unpack all of your items on the same day you move, so you will need to quickly find the items you really need during your first night at the new place.


These are 7 of the most important items you need in order to make your house removal so much easier. They will help you organise your move better. Packing and unpacking your items won’t be that challenging anymore. Make sure you have a lot of boxes and tape so that you can pack all of your belongings. Also, don’t forget to label the boxes and write the rooms they are going into. Use plastic wrap and blankets to wrap your valuable items in order to make them better protected from any damage. Think of the items you will need immediately after you move to your new house. Pack them in clear plastic bins. Put your clothes and toiletries in an overnight bag so that you find them easily. Don’t forget that one of the most important things when moving home is to find the perfect man with a van that will carry out a smooth relocation for you. Make sure you hire real professionals!

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