12 September 2016
5 Ways to Make Your New Home Comfortable

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Moving house is the perfect time to try new things out and experiment a bit. If you have always had ideas that would have helped you make your home comfortable but never found the time to do them, now is your chance to let the inner interior designer shine. Apply your imagination and see what you want and how you can make the new home more comfortable after moving home. As soon as the removal van has done its work and the man and van are off, and you are standing in the new house, it’s time to get working.

Here are 5 methods you can use to make yourself feel right at home as soon as possible:

1. Memory Lane

The most effective way of feeling comfortable right off the bat is keeping everything just as it was. Organise the new house just like the old one. A relocation does not necessarily need to be a new start for everything, including your home. It’s not like a man with a van is the inspiration you needed to make changes. You can keep everything as it was, because sometimes the most comfort people find is that of the familiar.

comfortable new home

2. Personalise

Make it all your own. If you never had the chance to personalise your old home, well, the removals give you just the chance. Use wallpapers and decor which reflect the real you – something you did not have the chance to display inside the house till now. Present the home as you would want to present yourself and embrace the new house as a part of you, not simply a new location which you have to live in.

personalise your house

3. De-Clutter

Often times the reason why we cannot get comfortable with our surroundings is because too many things surround us. Just because you are starting a clean slate does not mean you are starting at a clean place. The new home could be just as or even more cluttered than the old one, and who can relax around so much clutter, right? Do some work and clear out all the cluttered space to make room to actually breathe in. Comfort will follow suit.

moving home

4. Order and Chaos

Some people actually do need some chaos and cannot immediately jump to order. Sometimes you just don’t have time to organise everything about you. When the man and van drop you off and you unpack everything, take the cardboard boxes from the move and throw inside everything that is not immediately essential to your lifestyle. Organise the rest. And now every time you need something from the boxes, you can look for it and take it out and slowly put it back in its proper place after you are done using it. This means slow organisation, but an organisation done at your pace.

organise the home after relocation

5. Dream Land

And then there is also the dream. You know – the dream house. The design you always wanted but never got around to doing. This is your chance. Gather all the materials with the house relocation and start arranging for the dream house as soon as you move in. Do all the rearrangements you wanted and do them the way you wanted. Dictate your own pace of renovation and finish when you deem it all ready for use and display. And then you can enjoy your brilliant new home.

new home

This is how you can get quickly comfortable with your new surroundings. You can start working on that as soon as the man with van team are off. Browse your choices and make one that is to your liking. And then enjoy the house you made to the fullest comfort possible.

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