25 February 2016
5 Ways to Make Moving when Pregnant Easier

moving when pregnant

Moving house has always been stress-inducing, but that goes double for special occasions, such as when one is doing it while pregnant. Losing your nerves is ever the thing to watch out for when you are pregnant and that is to an even bigger effect during a house relocation. Luckily, there are various ways to make such an event much easier and you can read further on to find them out. Don’t stress too much – there is an easier way to do everything, and here are five of those for moving:

1. Always be organised
Dedication to the move will get you a long way towards a successful one. If you plan the relocation careful enough, you can eliminate potential sources of stress and have a much more peaceful experience, knowing that you have done everything you possibly can to make the trip easier. You cannot only rely on your house movers and on your spouse to make life easier, you should also plan for it so that it can be achieved easier.

moving checklist

2. Do not procrastinate
Waiting till the last moment is not a good idea. You might be a fan of the last-minute adrenaline burst, but when you are pregnant, that means additional excitement and even more anxiety when things are not working the way you hoped them to. A good preparation before the move will remove all such anxiety and you will feel better once the moving day comes.

home removals

3. Get help
Absolutely under no condition should you work alone. Whatever the task – be it packing or loading – you should get help. You might feel annoyed, you might feel nervous, you might feel anxious, and you might feel mad when dealing with others, but everything done goes for yours and your future infant’s health. Getting help means less work, it means more time to rest, and it means more time to plan and eliminate reasons to get stressed about.


4. Gradual packing
You do not – and should not – have to wait for the last couple of days to pack. Start packing a full month in advance. Do it all gradually and do it in a least to most important order. When the last week comes, you should have packed everything but the essentials and a few comfortable items of clothing which you can use prior and during the move. Finish it up on the last day and all the trouble of packing will seem like no trouble at all.

packing services

5. See the new neighbourhood
Another wonderful way to be at ease during and after the house relocation is to go to the new area and scout it out. See the good parks where you can take peaceful walks. Find the corner stores where you can do the hassle-free grocery shopping with maximum human contact. Find the humble cafe where you can get both excellent coffee and brilliant pancakes for breakfast. Find the local family diner where you can spend lunches and nights with your spouse and child when you don’t feel like cooking. See what awaits you there and let your mind rest at ease because the future is not so bad after all.

moving house

With these tips you can turn a stressful event into a literal walk in the park. You should put yourself and your state first and find any way you can to avoid anxiety and stress, and not to mention overworking yourself. Keep everything planned and organised and stay healthy so that you don’t inflict any unneeded damage upon yourself for overdoing it, overthinking it, or not doing or thinking enough about it. Find the golden middle and wait for the removal van to arrive.

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