22 January 2016
5 Things to Think About Before You Move to the Country

relocation to the country

Are you considering escaping from the crowded city and the overwhelming life with hectic traffic and a lot of stress? If yes, the option to relocate to a beautiful village is tempting.

Moving to the country seems like an easy thing to do because of the more simple way of life away in a farm. However, the reality is that you need to conduct thorough research about the pros and cons of life in the country before you are ready to leave the city for good. Otherwise, you might hit a big wall of problems the moment you arrive at your new enchanting farm.


1. Choose your property according to your plan of what you are buying it for – Are you planning to have a farm in the country? Have you thought of starting a business related to agriculture and livestock? Are you looking for a charming cottage where you’ll live the dream of calm and stress-free life? The answers to these questions will reveal what property you need. For example, if living in a small farm appeals to you, you should look for a land with high-quality soil, mild climate and etc.

inspect the outside

2. House and outside buildings – before you purchase the property you have chosen, be sure you have checked in depth the condition of the buildings on the land for any “hidden surprises,” such as illegal grey water, bad condition of the septic system and etc. Is the building insulated? It is worth it to hire specialists in this field who will examine the house and the buildings before you pack your bags and hire the moving company for the actual relocation. The condition of the cottage will decrease or increase the removal costs. For example, if the house is furnished, services for moving furniture will not be needed.

social life

3. Social life – if you are ready to leave the hectic city life, you will embrace the country way of life. People living in small towns and villages have their own traditions and customs. Arm yourself with patience and tolerance and find your place in the local community. The efforts are 100% worth it, because once you become part of the country social life, you will make long-lasting friendships. Among the greatest advantages of living in the country is the close connection with people. It is something that rarely happens in the busy cities. The social life in villages and farms is calmer; therefore some newcomers might find it boring.

caree opportunities

4. Work and development – The small towns and villages offer limited possibilities for building a career. In general the choice of job positions is not big, and until you earn the trust of locals, it might be hard to find a good work opportunity in the country. Other cons of life as a farmer are the limited possibilities for development and improvement of education and qualifications. On the other hand, if you plan on working from home, that won’t be a problem for you.

removals prices

5. The budget for the relocation – the big removals are expensive and usually take a lot of time. You might need to hire removals and storage firms, especially if you are moving to a location far away from your current place. Many moving companies charge per hour. In order to save money on the whole relocating process, you should make sure that your preparation is brilliant. For example, before the arrival of the movers, measure up the furniture and disassemble the biggest pieces for easy carrying through doors.

Living in the country is a marvellous experience that gives you inner peace and the benefits of homemade food, clean air, the most cherished friendships and hassle-free life.

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