13 September 2016
5 Signs Moving Crates Are For You

moving crates

Moving house is connected with the transportation of all of your belongings. You want to make sure that they are safely transported to your new home. That is why you need to think of the right boxes to use which will guarantee you that your possessions won’t get damaged in the van. Here you can find 5 signs that moving crates are the best option for your safe move.

1) You are looking for durability

You’ve probably arranged a removal company to help you organise your house relocation. It is time to think of the things you are going to pack. You need to decide what kind of boxes you are going to use in order to pack your belongings. Here comes the first sign that moving crates are just for you. If you are looking for durable boxes where you can safely transport your items, then crates are exactly what you need. The man with a van service that you’ve hired can offer you such boxes. They are made from sturdy plastic materials that can handle even your heaviest items.

durable plastic crates

When you are using cardboard boxes, you always have to be careful what kind of items you put on top of them. When they are being transported, they can easily be crushed. Crates are more reliable as they are durable and even water-resistant. If you’ve booked removal van hire you can be sure that your belongings will be well protected.

2) You are looking for sustainability

Most of the moving crates are made of recycled plastic that is eco-friendly. By using them you are actually protecting the environment. Many removal boxes are covered in tape or toxic ink from different markers. That’s why sometimes they can’t be recycled properly and are often sent to the landfills.

crate hire

3) You are looking for a way to save money

You can use moving crates again and again. This way you can actually save money in the long term. Sometimes crates can be even cheaper than cardboard boxes. You can ask your moving company if they offer crate hire. This way you can also save money by not buying the crates but only using them once.

save money with crate rental

4) You need boxes that are easy to use and can store lots of your things

Moving crates are really easy to use. They offer a lot of space for your belongings. They are usually designed to be stacked. The moving van can be loaded much more easily and quickly this way. Crates are also preferred by the movers as they have handles which make them easier to carry around.

secure storage

5) You are looking for boxes that your moving company will deliver to your house and pick up when you’ve finished using them

There are moving companies that will deliver crates for your move and pick them up when you’ve already unpacked your items. You won’t have to worry about disposing of your cardboard boxes. Moving crates are much more compact and efficient. You just need to check with your company if they offer such a removal service.

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These are 5 of the signs that show plastic crates are all you need for your move. They will help you organise the packing process much more efficiently. They are safer than cardboard boxes as they are sturdier and even water-resistant. When hiring man and van you should make sure that you are prepared for their arrival. If you don’t want to buy crates, you can always ask your company if they offer crate rental options. This way they will deliver the crates at your home and pick them up after you’ve finished using them. The whole process of moving house can be made so much simpler. Moving crates are also beneficial to the environment as they reduce the waste that is disposed of. They are used over and over again, saving you a lot of money. Using crates is definitely an eco-friendly way to organise your packing jobs.

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