12 September 2016
5 Moving Myths Busted

moving myths busted

People get all sorts of ideas based on myths they hear about house relocation. When you are moving home, one thing you need to focus on is getting the job done. But when you hear people speaking about that man and van they had, you get prejudices and most of the time those prejudices are based on the moving myths that people simply cannot stay away from. Here is a list of some of those myths and what you should believe in when planning a relocation. Just a word of advice: don’t believe in anything, base your decisions on facts. Here we go:

#1 – It doesn’t matter when you will move!

Wrong. Everybody thinks that a Friday is the best day for moving home ever, because you get the weekend for resting after the move. And, as a result of that, all moving companies are busy on a Friday and you cannot find the one you like. Also, even if you do manage to get a man and a van on a Friday, you don’t get to rest on the weekend, because you have to unpack and organise your new place.

moving date

#2 – Any packing supplies will do!

Wrong. Substituting some supplies is fine, depending on what you are moving. But substituting all of them or any of them at random is just plain irresponsible. Bubble wrap will always provide the best protection, and cardboard boxes are the classic moving tool for a reason. Don’t replace them with just anything, and don’t replace them with just any type of box. Cubic cardboard boxes are convenient because they are easy to use and easy to stack – so unlike many other options!

packing supplies

#3 – All movers are the same!

Wrong. Very wrong. Don’t just hire any moving company, do your research. Many movers are scammers, but the worst ones are the incompetent ones who will be unpunctual, unreliable, they will damage and lose your belongings, and they will not even have the insurance to cover it. Always make sure to use a removal company which has moved at least one person you know, or do thorough research and even go as far as asking for documents and insurance details. Better safe than sorry.

house movers

#4 – Labels are pointless!

Wrong. Marking your removal boxes is not pointless at all. By knowing what box you are moving you get a lot of information, such as what you are loading with the man and van and how many boxes you are moving. Labelling is also important because you can make an easy inventory of your belongings, and you can also categorise the boxes and make the unpacking that much easier. Labelling the boxes is being smart with the moving and you can save yourself a lot of work in the long run with it.

labelling boxes

#5 – Moving checklists are a waste of time!

Wrong. Actually, this is the best time-saver you will get. You can be spontaneous about a move, but that will come at a great cost and quite a lot of stress. It is much better to have everything scheduled and have a plan to follow. Don’t let Robert Burns scare you with his infamous saying, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” Some plans are too strictly planned to go anything other than as supposed to.

moving checklist

Now you know the myths. Make sure you do not fall in any one of their traps and make sure your move goes well. Organise the man with van hire, get the packing supplies, do a good job packing and picking a moving day, and everything will go right. It’s all in your hands, so don’t trust myths.

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