17 February 2016
4 Vital Packing Supplies You Can’t Do Without

packing supplies

Packing is one of those tasks that don’t seem all that important but it really is. If you fail to pack well, you could end up with so much stress on your plate. If you don’t pack well, your belongings could end up getting damaged or even worse, broken. And when you are in the middle of relocating, that is the very last thing you need. Packing doesn’t need to be as hectic as a lot of people think. It can be quite stress-free. As long as you get prepared in advance – that’s the main thing. One of the ways to get prepared is by making sure you have the right packing materials. In order to pack for removals you will need quality packing materials. And here are the top 4 packing supplies you can’t go without when you carry out the task. You don’t have to rely on a moving company to help you pack. Why bother when you can do it yourself? This is a removal service you can cover yourself.

moving boxes

1.    Boxes
You can’t possibly pack unless you have boxes – and lots of them. You will need lots of cardboard boxes and containers for packing your items. It’s best to ensure you get high quality, strong and sturdy boxes so that it lessens the risk of anything getting broken and the boxes breaking. You want them to be strong so they will hold everything you put into them. And you also need to obtain plenty of them. Obviously, it greatly depends on how much stuff you’re taking. You may need several boxes or a dozen or more. Figure this out before packing so you don’t run out of boxes halfway through.

packing materials

2.    Bubble wrap and other packaging
To pack efficiently, everything needs to be packaged well and wrapped up so nothing gets damaged or squashed. Bubble wrap is a must get item. It’s the most effective stuff to wrap up your belongings and keep them safe in the box during transit. However, if you don’t have any bubble wrap or you can’t afford to buy it and would prefer a cheaper alternative, you can easily find things around the home that would work equally as well. Use things like old towels, sheets, t-shirts, socks and cloth.

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3.    Tape
You can’t forget the tape. You need to securely tape up every single box so that they will not fall apart or tear open. Get some thick brown tape and tape up each box a few times until it is completely secure.


4.    Labels
One step you certainly don’t want to miss out on when packing your items is labelling boxes. Yet so many people, somehow forget to do it. When you leave your boxes unlabelled, it will make unpacking a complete nightmare when you arrive at your new home. You’ll just be stuck with piles and piles of bare boxes and you won’t have a clue where to start. You’ll have to open all of them and this is just going to cause a huge mess. So make sure you get yourself some labels or even just use a maker pen. As long as you label them up, it doesn’t matter too much. State clearly what objects are in each box. You could label them by room. Then when you get to your new home, you can unpack room by room, the easiest way. And you will know exactly what is in each box.

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