12 September 2016
4 Essential Last Minute Packing Hacks

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Sometimes people just don’t know how to organise their move. A moving checklist may look good, but its execution is vital to the successful relocation. When you do everything from setting a moving day and finding the right man and van for the move, all the way down to redirecting all your service providers to the new address, you are done only with the planning. But how about the acting? Like, packing, for instance. You may be surprised, but people often fail to keep their packing schedule and are faced with last-minute decisions which means either impractical packing or delaying the move, which means even more expenses. Well, you can save yourself all that with these little tricks you can incorporate into your last minute packing.

#1 – Plastic Bags

Some items require careful packing as they are too fragile to be moved without proper care. But then you have things like clothes and shoes. Those do not require careful packing – they require a container. And instead of going about looking for more cardboard boxes or folding the clothes so that they can fit better in the box, you can simply take a plastic bag and shove clothes inside. This is the lazy, but definitely swift method of packing them when rushing to meet a moving deadline.

plastic bags

#2 – Ruthless De-cluttering

The last day before a relocation is the perfect day to admit to yourself that you do not really need everything you are taking with you. Early de-cluttering or downsizing will be the difference of hiring a full house removals team or just a basic man and van. But a last minute one will set your priorities straight. Do you really need everything? Of course not. Even now there are so many things in your home you can throw out and forget as soon as the move gets going. Be ruthless to your belongings and decide which of them are actually useful and which are expendable.

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#3 – Use the Containers

If you are moving house and you are taking furniture and other things with you, then there will no doubt be containers, such as cabinets, hollow ottomans, and so on. You can use those for less fragile items instead of looking for more boxes which will only take more space. It is typically safer to move with empty shelves, but that is mostly due to people trying to move glass sets in the cabinets they are stored in. And that’s just not thinking straight. But clothes, toiletries, cleaning supplies, decorations, and such can all fit into a nice cabinet or ottoman and be taken out as soon as the move is done. It will be a bit on the heavier side, but that’s what the man with a van is for, right?

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#4 – Use Briefcases

Don’t be so lazy! You don’t have to let the moving company deal with ALL your things. You can still take some of them yourself, you know. Take out your travelling bags, briefcases, or travel cases and fill them up with things you will be moving but didn’t have the time to pack. Then when the removal van comes for your things, load all the rest, while you take care of the transportation of the cases. That should be simple enough to do, right? Don’t just think about the essentials that will be going with you, take some of the rest of the luggage as well.

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Simple enough, is it not? This way the relocation will not have to suffer because of any emergencies or displays of laziness. Be quick-witted and resourceful and no move will hinder you in terms of last minute packing. And after you are done, take everything left behind by the removal company and drive off to your new home to start the next chapter of your life.

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