01Oct 2015
10 Useful Tips for House Hunters

house hunting tips

Moving house is a period of your life which you want to go through in ease. There are many ways in which you can make it more difficult than it should be, and most of them involve choosing the wrong house for your relocation. You need to be aware of exactly what you are buying and what you are planning to move into before you start making the moving checklist and plans with the removal company.

1. Know what you want.
You don’t actually want what you want, and you don’t want what you need, but you do want the balance between the two. Sacrificing one for the other will leave you either with a house on the outskirts of the city, next to the river you wanted to be near to go fishing, or with a house in the middle of the market street, amid all the commotion and near all the shops you need, but away from all entertainment venues.

house inspection

2. Do thorough inspections.
When you see a house you like in the ads, go there and do a thorough inspection. Make sure everything works and that there is no mould or lasting damages that you will have to fix.

3. Get the measurements.
Take measuring equipment with you and see how many of your furniture will fit the way you want them to. You will have measurements of the rooms and later you can make measurements of your furniture and you can start making room plans.

take measurements

4. Ask for photos / to take photos.
Take photos of the house you are visiting if you cannot make your mind about it on the spot. At a later stage you can compare the photos of different houses and pick the one you like best.

5. Ask about the offered inventory.
Always ask the owner what furniture he or she will leave behind in the house so that you know how to plan your move and what you need to pack. You might have wanted to take along your sofa, but first you have to take care of the new house’s sofa; or it could be a better sofa and you would like to use this one instead of your own. Be prepared for such situations to know how to deal with your own items or how big a removal van you will need for the relocation.

6. Check the area.
Always check the neighbourhood. Is it a quiet place, or filled with noisy people? Is it a student community area, or a friendly neighbourhood with people whose only fault is that they like too much gossip? Know the area and the lifestyle on offer there.

house removals

7. Envision the house with your belongings inside.
When inspecting the house, envision it with your own furniture – or the one you want there – inside and see how well you will like it.

8. Do a comparison list.
Compare this house with your current one and see how well you like it in comparison and what improvements can be done to both.

9. Make a pros and cons list for the house.
Always be ready to list the things you like and the things you don’t like about the house you just visited. The cons may outweigh the pros by a lot, thus making the house a bad option. This will make the choice of house you make much easier.

moving checklist

10. Make a pros and cons list for the area.
Do the same for the area. You might have liked the house, but if the neighbourhood is unfriendly or downright violent, then you should not expose yourself to the lifestyle there. A sad and rare event, that, but it does tend to happen, so you need to know if this is one of these cases.

With these tips your house hunting should go much easier and you will be prepared to make a more educated and a better choice when the time to pick a location comes. With this your search will end and now you are free to proceed with the moving checklist and the list of reliable moving companies to choose from and make arrangements with.

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