12 September 2016
Why Should You Tip Your Movers?

tipping your movers

Sometimes services are good, sometimes services are bad, and then there are the times when a service is just what it has to be, nothing more nothing less. And we usually measure how good a service is by how much – or whether or not – we should tip the one who is helping us. But what happens in the third type of service? Should you tip the doer just because he or she did his or her job? Well, it usually depends on the service.

Moving house is among the most difficult tasks you could have going around at any time. House relocations require weeks of prior planning and hard work to pull off, and practically nothing is easy when it comes to them. Helpers in this venture are a must, and a man and van is an invaluable source of help. But should you tip the movers? Well, here are some points for you to consider:

moving home safely

Safer Moving

One thing you will never deny is that with a professional removal company watching your back, your whole relocation is one that will be safer and more secure than if you were to do it yourself. A man with a van is so much more than what it sounds like. It is a vehicle for safe transportation and a helper who will help with practically everything you wish concerning the move. And since an experienced mover will know so much more than you about moving house, the help is invaluable, even if it is not the reinvention of sliced bread. Do you think that deserves some extra payment?

fast house removals

Faster Moving

And what house movers will give you as well is speed. No – not that type! The literal speed with which you will be able to move. Just how quick do you think you can do a move on your own? No matter what kind of resources you have, it will never be as quick as the one moving services could provide. And does that deserve some gratitude? If yes, remember that gratitude alone does not pay bills. If a mover is one who will manage to get you to your new home without so much as a slip and does it to save you downtime if you are a business – that deserves at least something more than a tap on the shoulder.

well-organised relocation

Organised Moving

How organised do you think you can be during your move? Even if you do have a moving checklist and you have planned everything from the day of beginning of packing to the arrival of the man with van, do you think everything will go on smoothly even after that? Your move will depend on you only while you are the only one involved. When moving day comes, many factors come into play and you have to juggle everything. With a professional mover at your back, though, you have a source of information against any type of trouble. The movers will make the move easier just because they know what to expect and the organisation of your move will be in safe hands. Is that reward-worthy? Well, that is up to you.

stress-free moving

If the answer to all the questions stated above is ‘yes’, then you should definitely tip your movers. Not because they did the best job in the world or because you couldn’t have done it without them. Tipping the man and van means that you appreciate the helping hand and you appreciate everything they did to make your own relocation that much easier without any thought of immediate remuneration. They put body and soul into helping, and that is saying something.

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