28 March 2016
What to Look for in a Removals Quote


Moving companies have this great way of making a price estimate so that customers can see how much they will have to pay for their relocation if it comes to it. The removal quotation, as it is called, is the fast way to see what sort of budget you will have to set aside without doing much math. But then again, what does the quote contain? And should you actually pay attention to when removal companies give you ‘a quote’ and ‘an estimate’? Here is all the information you require for when you are setting up a deal with your company.


Quote vs. Price Estimate

Sometimes customers get confused when a company offers quotes or estimates and sometimes customers complain about the difference in prices. That confusion stems from the choice of words and you should always pay attention to the words used when dealing with a business. Here is the main thing you need to know: a quote is what you have to pay at the end of a service and an estimate is roughly the price you might have to pay. The estimate is not set in stone – it could go lower or higher, depending on the company’s billing. The quote, however, must be paid if a deal is struck – it is the final price, not including unforeseeable circumstances. You could pay less than the estimate, but never less than the quote.


What Does a Quote Contain?

So how do the movers estimate what you will owe for the service? There is a variety of factors that enter the estimate or quote and you need to have all of them in mind. First, they have a set tax for the basic relocation service. Second, they have a price for the number of movers you want employed for the job. There is also a price for the removal van used, as well as all expenditures for distance, petrol, and maintenance of the vehicle. Some companies work by the hour and some companies work based on load and distance – you also need to be aware of which you are paying for and which is worth it. There are also extra prices you have to keep in mind. All such prices should be on display in the Terms and Conditions webpage of any self-respecting company’s website so you should be able to see them there. Such costs usually involve fees for parking the van further than your driveway, no parking spaces, delays caused by the customer, damages done by the customer, and suchlike. Different companies have different views on events beyond the company or the customer’s control, but some do charge extra for that as well.


What Should You Pay For?

The reason why you should be aware of what you are charged for is to be able to sift the good moving companies from the bad. As with every other service, you need to know where your money is going. If you disagree with a charge, try to negotiate it, and if it is nonnegotiable, then it’s time to find a new company. You should not pay for everything thrown your way, and there should be aspects of the quote which you control as well, not only the optional charges, such as insurance.


Make an effort, do the math, and then see what you are charged for. Never leave the price negotiation one-sided, otherwise the more unscrupulous removal services will take you for a ride in a more than what-they-do kind of way. Knowledge is power, as they say, so equip yourself properly when arranging relocations.

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