12 September 2016
What to Do 3-4 Days after Moving Day?

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The moving checklist is at its end. The man and van team are here, they take your things and you meet them at your new place. They unload all your things from the removal van and finally leave. You are done with the moving company and now you are standing in front of your new home.

Okay. Now What?

Many people find it difficult to adjust to their new homes because of either the lack of ideas or too many ideas about what to do after the relocation. You should not be among those people as a new place allows you so many things that you can make your pick of doing as few or as many of them as you like. You have all the options; you simply have to make a decision about what to do for the next few days.

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Organise the New Place

Your new home needs attention. The first thing you can do is actually set everything up so that you really do feel at home. You can bring the old look of your flat or house, or you can endeavour in interior design and make a new setting for yourself to really start fresh. Plan and arrange, get busy with the renovations and decorating. If you want to do a thorough job, that will take you quite a while.

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Explore the New Area

Maybe you are not familiar with your new environment? Well, in that case it’s time to you go out and see what your new surroundings have in store for you. Use day 1 to find all the local shops and stores, use day 2 to find all the local amenities, such as the bookshop around the corner, the humble cafe with the best coffee, and the John and / or Mary’s diner (or whatever name it holds) where you can get the best muffins and breakfast menu. Then go further and discover all the other places that the town or city holds for you. The more you can find out, the more time you will spend doing it.

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Leave a Review

Happy with your man with van service? Did your real estate agent do a good job with picking the new house? Well, it’s time to make your opinion known and give the proper feedback. A review on the website of the moving company you used will tell other potential customers whether to use their man with a van as well, or skip it. Sometimes your opinion will be the deciding factor, so be eloquent in your testimonial and, most importantly, always be honest!

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Meet the Neighbours

A new house means new neighbours. Bake a cake or cookies and go meet them! See what friendly faces await you next door and maybe you will make friends as well. Meeting new people is always a positive when moving house to a new area, and what better place to start than your next door neighbour, right?

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Organise a Party

Hey, you just had a successful move. It’s time to celebrate your new home with an all-out PAR-TAY! Invite the neighbours to meet them, invite friends, invite relatives and enjoy your first few days on a higher note. A party to start your new life is definitely starting your new life with higher spirits. And that definitely beats dealing with post-moving depression and spending time in the doldrums.

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And there you have it. Focus on any one of these options and you will have a busy schedule for yourself in the days following the move. Once the man and van team drop you off, it is up to you to fill your days with activity and enjoyment, so get busy and do everything you can to spare yourself questions like ‘what if’. This is the worst question you can ask yourself as time goes on.

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