12 September 2016
Types of Fragile Items to Beware of when Packing

packing fragile items

Packing your belongings is one of the toughest aspects of relocation you will have to deal with. It takes time, effort and most importantly knowledge on how to pack your belongings properly so that you don’t find them in pieces when you unpack them.

It could be overwhelming for an inexperienced mover to deal with this task. It is very important to address it properly, because the risk of damage to the items is real. It is even more problematic when fragile items have to be packed. A man with a van team will be able to address this without a problem, but in case you have chosen a DIY approach to packing, you will need to deal with this on your own. Here are some of the items to be most careful with:

packaging glassware

- Glassware - you must pay extra attention to glassware when it comes to packing, or else you will find the items broken when you reach the end of your home removal. Items made of glass are very fragile and can easily break down if you are not careful with how you pack them. Provide plenty of cushioning inside the boxes you put them in. Bubble wrap and packing paper are the ideal tools to use for this. Alternatively, you can also use towels and clothes to achieve the same cushioning effect. Basically you need to make sure that glassware pieces don’t have a lot of space to move around, as that could damage them. Place ‘fragile’ stickers on the boxes with those items, so that the man and van team knows they have to handle them carefully.

TV packing

- TV and monitor screens - these are expensive pieces of equipment that you certainly don’t want to see damaged. To ensure that your TV and monitor screens are transported safely, you need to guarantee they are packed properly. It is best if you transport those on the removal van with their original boxes. Normally they feature extra packing material that serves to protect hardware and ensure it is safe inside.

packaging decoration

- Décor pieces - do you have a collection of vases that has to be transported? It could be a little tricky to pack those, but certainly not impossible. What you need is a large enough box to fit each one of them. Wrap the item in bubble wrap and fill the box with packing peanuts. That ought to make the item transported inside safe during transit.

packing antiques

- Antiques - antiques are expensive and should be transported with care. Usually they hold high sentimental value, so seeing damage done to them during a home relocation can be devastating. You will need all of the extra tools to ensure their safety - bubble wrap, packing paper, large enough boxes, extra cushioning in the form of packing peanuts and towels/clothes, which serve similar purpose.

packing mirrors for moving

- Mirrors - when it comes to moving mirrors, loading them without extra protection is out of the question. Thankfully, there are specialised boxes that you can use for this purpose. They are designed for transporting mirrors specifically, but you should still be careful about how you place them in the moving van. Warn the man with van team that they contain mirrors so that they handle them extra carefully.

moving plants

- Plants - if you love home plants and you have a collection of those you want to take with you, you can transport them in pots, but you need to keep them apart from any other items as they could easily break them. Secure the pots firmly on the ground and make sure nothing is leaning onto the plants, as their stems and leaves could easily break and get damaged.

Packing and transporting these items is far from easy, and you need to pay extra attention to ensure they make it in one piece. A man with van team could offer assistance in that regard, but you too can contribute to the safe relocation of such belongings.

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