21 June 2017
Top Tips For A Last-minute Move

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If you have dealt with a house move before, then you know that a house removal can be stressful. Moving house at the last-minute can add more stress as you don’t have enough time to plan. However, when situations such as illnesses, family issues, natural disasters come up, you may not have another option but to handle a last-minute move. To help reduce the stress that arises when you have to deal with such a situation, we have provided some tips to enable you to have a successful home removal.

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• Get help

When dealing with a last-minute move you do not have the time to handle everything alone. Remember there is the sorting, packing, searching for a removal van, coordinating the destination and many other issues that need to be done. You cannot handle all these successfully unless you delegate some tasks. Hence, hire full-service movers. Let them be the ones to deal with the packing, loading, storage, transporting and this will give you peace of mind. You will also get the time to concentrate on more pressing issues. If you cannot manage to get a moving company instantly, get help from your friends and relatives who can help you with the packing. Such a measure will give you some extra time to concentrate on issues that you cannot delegate.

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• Do not pack everything

Sorting and packing the stuff you need and disposing of the items you don’t need can take much time in a house move. You need to sort your belongings, one room at a time. Pile your possessions in three sections - those to carry, donate and sell and those to recycle. This will make your removal service have an easy time packing your items. You will also save more by taking up this step as the lesser time the removal company spends in your premises, the lesser the amount you will pay. Besides, the lesser your belongings, the smaller the fee you will pay to your removal service. Once you pile up all things to leave behind, get a friend to handle them for you as you may not have the time to donate them. You may also get the charity come and pick all such items.

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• Make a moving checklist

No matter the little time you have, you can always make a moving checklist. This will help you remain organized all through the process. Besides, it will enable you to avoid the disappointment that results when you fail to carry all you belongings. Make sure that you prioritize the items that you will need immediately after you get to your location, and have a section of them on your checklist. You will need to put all your necessities in one removal box and label it as this is the box you should open immediately you get to your new home and get all items in it put in places you will easily access.

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• Get packing supplies

Once you have decided on what to pack and leave behind, it's now time to get the packing boxes, tape, bubble wrap, markers and labels needed. You should ensure that you take more than those you estimate. Remember, you do not have the time to keep running to stores to get more supplies if you deplete the available ones. So, get more than enough as the remainders can always be taken back from the place you got them.

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• Pack one room at a time

Now that you got the right packing materials, get down to the packing process and do this one room at a time. The reason behind this is that you will have enough time to concentrate on all the stuff. Also, set time limits so that you spend less time per room. You do not have the time to take much time dealing with each room. So, limit the time to spend in each room. This will enable you to work under pressure thereby giving you time to concentrate and avoid wasting any of the limited time.  

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• Be prepared for premium pricing

It is better that you stay safe from the beginning of the house removal rather than facing challenges during the process due to lack of enough money. You will find that you will probably have to pay higher prices unlike those who have enough time to plan their removals. Be ready with enough money and take advantages of the movers who have slots for last-minute moves. You will pay a higher price, but the move will be smooth. If you don't have enough money to take care of your last-minute move, you can separate the big items from the small ones and let the removal company carry the larger items, and you take care of those you can carry on your car.

• Hire a cleaning company after the move

When on a time limit when moving your house, you will not have the time to clear up the trash left behind. However, this doesn't mean that you should leave the house in a dirty state. After all, you too wouldn't be happy if you find the house you are relocating to dirty. Hence, the best option is to hire a cleaning service. Let them clean everything and dispose of the trash once the movers take your items.

It is easy to handle your last-minute removal if you know how to approach the task. You do not have to let your house removal stress you, as some help and the above tips will guide you through the process.

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