10 September 2016
Top 5 Moving Scams

moving scams

Now that you have decided to move, it is time to select your moving service provider. This is an important part of the job, as it will take some weight off your shoulders and get you relocated with ease. This choice is a very important one, because it turns out not all moving companies work for your best interest.

Unfortunately, fraud has become common in the removals business. Many dishonest movers have developed cunning methods to rip off unwary customers. The former have been rightfully nicknamed moving scam artists, as they can trick you in the most terrible way and take off with your money. It pays to be prepared with all the information you need on how to best avoid these scams so that you have peace of mind when looking for a man with a van service. Here is what you should watch out for:

removal estimates

1. Unrealistically affordable estimate - don’t be too quick to grab what seems to be an amazing deal. Certain rogue moving companies set up such traps for luring clients into paying up a deposit and then vanishing with the money. Even if that scenario doesn’t play out and they show up, you may expect some problems to arise, such as new conditions that significantly boost the end price you have to pay for their man and van services. The best way to avoid this is to contact several companies and compare their estimates. If one of them is considerably lower than all others, something is seriously off about that company.

moving contract fine print

2. Be mindful of the fine print - as you schedule a move and sign the paperwork of the company you have chosen, be meticulous with what you are signing. Read everything till you fully understand it and are familiar with the details. Be especially careful with the fine print, as there is no small chance that a clause there allows the mover to charge you extra under special circumstances and conditions. Do make sure that all of the conditions are transparent and that both parties are in the clear of how much the operation is going to cost. Under no circumstances should you ever sign an incomplete or blank document! That will allow the company you are hiring to just fill in a price that works for them.

movers referrals

3. The false reference scam - asking for references is a great way to ensure that you hire a reliable man with van company. What you may not be aware of is that some companies like to fake their references and provide fictitious testimonials so that their moving services seem more legitimate. What you can do is look for actual references and people or companies that have worked with the mover in question. Contact them and ask for specific details. You should also search for independent websites, where users review different companies.

moving company down payment

4. Asking for an exorbitant deposit - if you are asked to pay an unrealistically high down payment, you should be wary of a common moving fraud. Never agree to pay more than 20% of the total moving cost, or else you may end up losing your money. If you give the movers a large sum at the start, you will lose sight of it and the firm you hired. Even if the company doesn’t disappear, they might charge you an extra high amount by introducing overlooked conditions and terms. It is best to stay within reasonable limits when it comes to pre-paying and use the credit card payment method. Look for a refundable deposit whenever possible.

added removal fees

5. Extra fees for accessory services - additional moving services are usually not included in the free estimate you receive at the start. That is an important factor to keep in mind, because you may end up paying for man and a van services you never wanted. Confirm that all of the services you request are included in the bill and make sure you understand the conditions under which any extra services are performed.

In the quest for finding honest movers, you should be careful not to fall for these most common frauds. Invest some time researching all possible options, as that could mean the difference between a successful move and losing your money to a scam.

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