19 February 2016
Tips for Students Moving to Study

student removals

Getting ready to study at a college residence is an exciting and somewhat overwhelming experience for any type of student. Moving out of home for the first time is daunting and exhilarating at the same time. Making decisions about what to pack and what to leave at home can be stressful for students. These top tips will make life easier for students moving out of home to study.

moving home

Listen to your parents’ advice
As much as anyone on the verge of independence doesn’t want to listen to their parents, when it comes to advice on moving companies and removal services, your parents are likely to know more than you. It is worth taking their knowledge and past experiences on board so that you can have some information on how to research and what to look for in moving companies. Sometimes parents do know best, so you should give them a chance to share their insider information with you.

organise books

Organise your study books separately
Between organising your everyday life and your study life, things are going to get pretty hectic. Packing is highly important when moving out to study, so it is best to categorise the things you are packing. Focus on one element of the packing process at a time, so leave your study supplies to one side and your personal life to the other side. Set aside a day to focus just on organising your books and gathering all the resources you need for your studies and pack these into boxes on the day. Once that is out of the way, then you can turn your attention to sorting out what you want to take from your bedroom at home to your college residence.

packing clothes

Pack clothes for multiple occasions
While you are moving out for the purposes of study, you are also going to be living your everyday life around this. When packing your clothes, it is important to pack according to the climate and have a range of options for different seasons. As well as having clothes for regular study days and going to university lectures, make sure you have clothes for other occasions such as going out of the weekends, working out at the gym, and comfortable clothes to lounge around in on those lazy days you’ll come to value while studying.


Bring things that make you feel at home
Moving out is a scary experience no matter how excited you feel at first. Having your own room away from your parents for the first time can sound the like the best thing ever, but the reality can hit pretty hard. Make sure you bring things from home that make you comfortable and make the space feel like your own so help you settle in.


Decorate your room
The room you move into to study is going to be yours for some time, so make it feel like a place you can call home. Decorate it with photos, figurines, and all those other things that make up your room at home. Having reminders of your family and friends around you can help you settle in quicker into the new living environment and will subsequently help you perform better in your studies. After the stress of moving out and packing everything into a moving van, you will just want to be able to unpack and feel at home. These little things will make a big different for the first week or so in your new room.

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