02 February 2016
The London Commuter Towns with the Best Schools

commuter towns with good schools

What is the most important factor for you for an accommodation near London? The abundance of commuter towns around the capital of the UK offers you a great opportunity to find an offer for a house that suits your expectations and preferences, and doesn’t break your budget.

For most people who are looking to buy or rent a house near London the two most important criteria are: the distance, and the costs of travelling and rent. If you are relocating with your family, however, you should consider other factors, like schools, low crime rate and the atmosphere of the town or village where you want to raise your children.

raising kids

Moving to a beautiful commuter town is more cost-effective compared to living in London. You get more space for your money. You can organize the relocation with a cheap removals company based on your time and budget. Which are the most attractive commuter towns near London with great schools?

High Wycombe is one of the most preferable small towns near the capital where more and more people working in London prefer to settle in with their families. It lies just 28 minutes away from London by train and offers an abundance of top-notch schools, including private schools. The average annual transport costs for commuters living in High Wycombe are around £3 344. The prices of houses in this commuter town are circling around £432 000. Among the schools that are worth mentioning in the town is the Wycombe Abbey School. It is not a surprise that thousands of people each year hire removal companies in London to move away from the hassle of the city, but close enough to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

moving with children

Chelmsford provides a great option for living in a commuter town near the capital. If we compare it to High Wycombe, the former is located further than London. A trip by train to the capital takes around 36 minutes. Costs for transport and housing are similar to High Wycombe. The advantages of Chelmsford are its appealing ambience and the abundance of government and private schools, like the Oaklands Primary and the Moulsham Infants. One of the most attractive districts in the town is Old Moulsham. It lies at a walking distance from the city centre. Hylands Park offers excellent ambience for walks, picnics and outdoor entertainment on weekends.

private schools

Another wonderful commuter town near London where thousands of people choose to live is Haywards Heath in West Sussex. In terms of distance from the capital, it takes around 45 minutes travelling by train to reach London. The town is rich in great schools. The costs of housing in Haywards Heath are a bit higher than the average for other commuter towns. The average price for a house is around £523 608. Overall, it stands out with beautiful ambience and the charisma of a lovely small town.

Reading offers a great choice of high-quality schools too. If you are planning to move to the town, you will be able to find houses at prices around £467 931. Reading is beautiful and picturesque small town where you can enjoy a peaceful way of life and the benefits of living near the big city.

house removals

Lots of removal companies offer very attractive rates for their services for relocation to the commuter towns around London. The vast choice of schools and the affordable prices of housing in the area make the option of moving out of London really tempting. Consult with a moving company on the easiest way of organizing the relocating process and brace yourself for a more fulfilling life in a small town.

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