12 September 2016
Sick When Moving? Here’s What to Do

moving when sick

Sometimes we get ill at the most inappropriate times. Moving house is among the least favourable times to be sick, but it does happen sometimes and you need to figure out a way to get healthier before the man and van arrive to get you going. Depending on how much time you have till moving day, you could do several things, but the most important one of all is to stay cool and don’t lose your mind. Domestic removals come with enough stress as it is and your body does not need any more anxiety to handle. Here is what you can do to get better before the man with van’s arrival:

Get Some Sleep

You’d be surprised, but a lot of people actually don’t get enough sleep because of all the stress which house relocation brings. Make sure you get your healthy dose of sleep in the week before the move and you might even avoid getting sick in the first place – as often that is actually the cause for going down ill in the first place. Sleep takes care of your body, so having restless nights will help you with nothing.

get some sleep

Stay Clear of the Packing

Packing often involves a lot of dust and germs. If you are already ill, you will do better to either use packing services from the removal company or have somebody else from the house do the packing. The more detached you are from the hard work which it involves, the healthier you will be when the man with a van team comes to start the whole shindig.

packing services

Take Regular Breaks

Never overexert yourself. Another cause of sickness in people who are moving home is the constant activity and never finding time to take breaks. Rest whenever possible and drink healthy doses of tea. Overworking yourself will be no good for you when the move gets started and you have no strength to see it through.

take breaks

Get Proper Medicine

If you have encountered the disease or whatever you are struggling with, get the proper medicine and make sure to take it regularly. Don’t take too much, of course – you do not want to get woozy while you are carrying boxes or travelling. If you are taking medicine, of course, you should stay away from driving and let somebody else do that job. And always keep the medicine bag near you.

proper medicine

Consult a Doctor

If none of the above is doing the trick, you should immediately see your GP. The doctor needs to check your condition and even see if you are healthy enough to move at all – it may be so that you would have to postpone the move, or just go to the new place and let somebody reliable handle the rest. Sometimes you just cannot go on and you need to think about yourself and not the relocation.

consult a doctor

Get Help

Never, ever, ever do the move yourself if you are not feeling well. Always have help, otherwise you are risking not being ready when the man and a van arrive at the very least – and being completely incapable to move, if you did not do any of the aforementioned. Call your neighbour, a friend, a family member, a co-worker – anybody that could and would help. You need rest.

house movers

Make sure to stay healthy. No matter how much work you have to do or how much packing you need to do, your health comes first. Deal with that and then see to your house removals. After all, you want to be able to move yourself before you move your house.

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