12 September 2016
Should You Move to a Warmer Climate?

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If you have been living in an area where weather presents distinct seasons, you know just how diverse life can be. Revelling in nature’s beauty throughout the year can be a wonderful experience and so can be all the activities surrounding any given season.

For some reason, most people think that living somewhere warm is the best thing in the world. If you are in love with the sunny pictures of waves hitting a beach where eternal summer reigns supreme, you might be considering a home relocation to such a place. That would be a great decision, as moving to a warmer climate holds a number of benefits:

outdoor activities

- Opportunity for outdoor activities - there is no doubt that sunny weather allows for a great number of activities. Cycling, hiking, swimming and any sport (different from winter sports) all benefit from good weather. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to practice such hobbies in the open. If you are a fan of those, then it definitely pays to pack your stuff and initiate a home removal.

no illnesses

- No more colds and flu - apart from sparing yourself the regular cough and runny nose due to chilly weather, you will also suffer less from respiratory problems and all the trouble caused by your body’s attempts to regulate its temperature. If you are suffering from such problems, relocation to warmer climate will likely fix them.

no heating expenses

- No more home heating expenses - if you have lived somewhere cold, you know just how expensive it can be to insulate you home. Furthermore, heating your home will no longer be necessary, so that is one fewer expense to pay attention to. Additionally, you won’t need to think about winter gear - shovels, specialised car tools and winter wear.

shovelling snow

- Forget about winter trouble - how much time have you spent preparing your garden for the winter? What about raking snow from your pathway, garage and pavement? Traffic problems due to ice on the road? Delayed man and van service because of heavy snowfall? Forget about all that - warm weather doesn’t present any such challenges.

These are definitely worthy benefits of warm climate. However, before you pack your bags and look for a man with a van company to get you there, you should take a look at the whole picture. As with all things in life, there are also drawbacks to keep in mind:

fear of insects

- Insects - a wide range of bugs and other insects thrive in warm climate. And while you should be aware of their presence, it is the infections and diseases they carry that you should be most wary of. If you have a phobia of insects, reptiles and arachnids, you will do well to think twice about house relocation.

White Christmas

- No more white Christmas - let’s be honest - nothing quite makes Christmas the cherished holiday it is like snow. You can have your artificial Christmas tree (because a real one will not survive) on the removal van with you, but it just won’t feel the same without snow outside. There will be no more snowball fights, no more snowmen in the backyard and no more sleighing fun. That is no small loss, if you think about it.


- Too much heat can be bad - there is real danger of sun burns if the sun is too intense. Other than that, heat exhaustion and skin rashes are also a real problem. You will have to stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day and consider some sunscreen options.

Keep in mind all of the outlined pros and cons of moving to a location with warmer climate. Before you call a moving company to execute the move, weigh all factors and make an informed decision.

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