26 February 2016
Removals: Making the Most of Limited Box Space

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Moving house can definitely be exciting, but the process of packing is not quite so exciting. It’s long, it’s tiring, it’s dirty and it’s stressful. And then, once you think you’ve finally got everything under control, you realise you’ve run out of boxes. Before you start preparing for your big move, check out these tips to ensure your removal goes to plan by making the most of limited box space.

furniture removals

Don’t Clear Out Dressers and Drawers
Furniture removals are some of the most difficult to plan for. If you are taking your current furniture to your new house then why not utilise the space inside them. Of course, have a little sort out and a tidy up, but there is no point emptying everything and packing it into other boxes when it’s already packed away. This is especially important for things like clothes and small personal items. You would be amazed at how much space clothes take up in a box, yet by putting them away neatly in your dresser you will hardly notice the extra items.

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Get Box Dividers
Using box dividers is a great way to store different kinds of items in the same box. For example, if you have one box left and have a few kitchen items and then a few home office items that you are worried about transporting together, then simply grab a box divider and split the box in half. This way you can maximise all of the space you have without having to worry about items getting damaged or contaminated.

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Pack a Suitcase
Ask each member of your family to pack a suitcase. Fill the suitcase with all the essential items you would need if you were going on holiday for a week. Not only will this save a lot of space in the removal van, but it also means that when you arrive, everyone will have their living essentials in their own suitcase without needing to spend hours sorting through boxes to find their toothbrush and pyjamas.

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Stack Lampshades
Lampshades are a mover’s worst nightmare and they are one of those items that don’t weight a lot but seem to take up a hell of a lot of space. In order to make sure that they cause minimal disturbance on your moving day, simply remove each lampshade from the base and stack them on top of the other. Also, if the bases of the lamps are small you may find that you can fit a few in one big box without the lampshades which will massively maximise your space.

moving boxes

Pack Heavy Items in Small Boxes
If you have lots of small removals such as books then pack these in smaller boxes. Packing them in larger boxes will result in them being overfilled and too heavy to lift, and will increase the chance of the flimsy cardboard collapsing. In a small box, heavy items such as books can easily be packed in tightly, minimising the space used and also minimising the weight.


Clear out before you Pack
The best way you can make the most of your limited box space is to simply cut down on the amount of items that you need to pack. Sometimes throwing things out is difficult, personal belongings are called personal for a reason, we form attachments to them, they become a part of our life. However, now is the time to be brutal, and to embrace new beginnings and fresh starts. Go through each room in the house and get rid of as many things as you can. Your removal company will definitely thank you for it.

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