01 March 2016
Relocation on a Budget: 6 Handy Money-Saving Tips

moving on a budget

Not everybody can afford – or want to use – the most expensive moving company in town and pack in the most luxuriant way possible. Sometimes people just want to cut down on the price of a move and use a more efficient and less costly method. And while moving house is somewhat expensive, there are many ways in which you can save a lot of money from your relocation. And here is how to handle the moving process so that it costs the least, while not sacrificing anything that would be of use and would make the move easier.

1. Do the math
Of course, before starting anything with any kind of budget, you first need to know what kind of budget you are dealing with. Sit down and set that number which you will do as best you can not to surpass. Keep in mind everything you might be spending money on – moving boxes, removal companies, packing materials, petrol, etc. Pen down what you have and all potential costs and try to fit everything in that number.

house removals

2. Rely on yourself
One way to cut a huge cost from the move is by doing it yourself. Moving companies can be of great help, but they are also a pricey addition. If you cut that part of your move out of the picture, you will have much more freedom of funds to use and make it easy for other areas of the relocation. Ask friends and relatives for help, or, at the very least, instead of hiring a full team of house movers, hire only a removal van and do the work yourself.

house movers

3. Pick a cheap, but reliable mover
If the previous point is too much for you and you do want the help of professional movers, then pick ones that will both help you and save you money. For instance, if you don’t have too many possessions to move, then make use of your local moving company’s man and van service. This is always a simple and hassle-free method of moving.

removal company

4. Downsize
Since you will mostly be paying for the amount of things you will move, you can keep that amount to the minimum. Pack essentials. Pack items of value. Pack things that you will use, and then cut the rest. Consumables and perishable items should be removed from the checklist. Plants, frozen foods, waste, unused items and general clutter should definitely be left out of the move. Take only what you will use – nothing more, nothing less.


5. Make use of special offers
Every now and then your local moving company will have an exclusive deal waiting for you. If it is one that will fit wonderfully in your budget, then you should definitely make use of it. This will cut down a lot of prices and will save you a lot of money, especially if it is a reliable company with good deals and services on offer.

packing services

6. Be ruthless
Every now and then you might come across a sentimental item that you might want to take along, but it will take another box, or add to the total price. Such items, while nice, can be spared if you want the move to be inexpensive. Gift them, donate them, be merciless and remove everything that will add to the boxes, but you don’t actually have a practical need for. Sometimes you just have to.

removal boxes

Stick to these advices and you will be able to move house easily and with the least expenses. Apply your imagination and think of other methods as well – the sky is the limit when it comes to ways to cut costs. The best advice is to stick to the essentials and eventually take care of the rest – right now you only need a house relocation, you can deal with sentimentality later.

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