10 September 2016
Peak Season Is Coming - Make Plans Now

relocation during peak season

What is referred to as ‘peak season’ in the moving industry are the summer months. That is when most people initiate moves of various kinds. Summer breaks present great opportunities for house relocation, as there is plenty of free time and the weather is nice.

There are many reasons to move during the summer, but there is one factor that people usually do not take into consideration: competing for a man and van service during that time is going to be tough. Everyone is making plans for moving and removal companies are reserved for weeks ahead. That makes the process somewhat difficult, if you don’t take the specifics of moving during peak season into account. Here is how you should proceed:

moving plans

- Make plans early - the most important thing is to plan ahead and try to beat the moving rush that occurs over summer months. The sooner you are done with planning out your home removal, the better. If you delay, you will encounter many problems, potential delays, unnecessary hassle and stress, which is not desirable.

removal budget

- Determine your budget - you should be mindful of your budget, as hiring a man with van service during summer months is more expensive than usual. That is the cause of high demand for such services in the peak season. See to it that you are prepared to meet some additional costs, as such may arise.

moving company

- Pick a moving company carefully - even though you need to hurry up with your choice, do not make any compromises on the moving service provider. You don’t want to hire a service that is not helpful, or one that will charge too much money for subpar services. You should invest your time in finding the best deal and service that best works for you. Double check the availability of a certain company for a chosen moving date, as their schedule may be full.

avoid moving fraud

- Watch out for frauds - with moving companies in demand in the summer, it is very likely that rogue movers will appear, taking advantage of the situation. Don’t fall into their traps: perfect moving quotes, additional services, timely execution and high availability of moving dates. Investigate all companies you select, as that is the best way to determine if they are reliable and to guarantee that you will not have any difficulties with the moving process.

moving date

- Choose a moving day carefully - it is best to avoid Fridays and weekends, as those are usually the busiest days for movers. Aim for mid-month and mid-week dates, as the demand then is not as high. It can potentially save you a lot of money and headaches. Don’t forget to ask the moving company you have chosen for available dates.


- Get additional help - one of the benefits of moving in the summer is that people are not as busy. Use that and ask close friends and relatives for help. There are many tasks that you will have to address and it is not going to be easy. If you get some people to help, it is certainly going to make things easier compared to if you rely solely on the man with a van team.

removal companies

- Double check with the moving company - confirm the chosen date of the move with your man and a van provider and check with them a few days before the move takes place. That way you will be sure they will turn up and execute everything according to the initial plan.

Moving during peak season can be tough, and you need to plan out every step of the move carefully. Follow all of these points and you will easily deal with the situation.

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