29 March 2016
Packing Your Life in Boxes - 5 Essential Tips

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Every single aspect of the moving process is very important, and needs to be seriously looked at. Your attention will be spread among several tasks during that time. While it is true that you need to devote effort in everything, one task is likely demanding of a lot more - packing.

Many believe that packing is a form of arm as placing various items in a limited space between 4 cardboard walls does in fact require creativity and thought. It is also a long process that can leave you tired and wishing you had more time. But like any other home removal job, this one can be easily mastered, as it’s not rocket science after all. Follow these 5 simple tips and you will be able to pack like a pro:

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-    Do not pack everything - this one may sound like a no-brainer, but the truth is that most people don’t give much thought what they are packing. Instead of taking everything with you to your new home, it would be wise to consider if there are some items you no longer need. Maybe it’s time to part with some of your books, or perhaps chinaware that no one has used in ages. Sell or donate things you no longer have use of, instead of packing them and taking them on the removal van. You will make some money and invest less effort on packing, which is a win-win situation no matter where you look at it from.

packing essentials

-    Pack a box of essentials - there are certain items you need shortly after you reach your new home. Give this a thought and put such items in a separate box of essentials. What you put inside depends on your needs, but generally it should contain certain cleaning supplies, bed linens, bathroom essentials and medications. Think about what you need to use right after the moving van reaches your new home and keep it in a separate box.  

labelling moving boxes

-    Label your boxes - after sealing a box, what you are left with is a cardboard container that looks like any of the other 30 you have to load and later unload. But what items does it contain? One of the best ways to ensure an unpacking chaos ensues is to leave your boxes unlabeled. Implement a simple labeling system, which makes sense to you. One example is to write what room the contents of each removal box belong to. If you want to be more thorough, you can stick a contents list on every box and write what is in it. This is bound to make your unpacking a piece of cake later on.

removal boxes

-    Do not make boxes too heavy - it is a lot better to keep the overall weight of each box on the low side, as that means easier time later on. If you make a box too heavy, you will not only have a difficult time picking it up and carrying to the van, but you also risk its integrity. Don’t be surprised if the bottom of the cardboard box just collapses and dumps all of your items on the ground. Not an ideal situation, but one you can easily avoid by filling your removal boxes with limited amount of items.

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-    Give yourself enough time - if you don’t start packing early, you will regret it. It is definitely preferable to greet the movers with boxes ready and packed, than fretting around as you put this and that wherever you see empty space. If you rush, you risk packing your items inappropriately, which may result in unwanted damage. So plan in advance and start packing early.

Packing your belongings is an essential part of every moving process. Now that you know the secrets of it and the common mistakes to avoid, you can handle it with ease.

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