14 March 2016
Packing and Boxes


packing services Packing can be one of the most frustrating part of moving a home or office. Efficiently packing away all your belongings in boxes is actually something that requires a lot of skill and expertise. It involves the usage of a lot of materials along with the knowledge of which materials to use for what kind of packing and items. For example packing fragile items is the most difficult part. A lot of people find that when they arrive in their new place and unpack their boxes, most of their fragile items are shattered or broken. Apart from that, packing bulky, heavy, and large items can also be really difficult. Such materials require many hands and people often struggle with it the most. But now you don’t have to worry about any of that because moving-van.org.uk is here to offer some of the best packing and boxes to assist you with your relocation. Just call them at 020 8746 4391 and get the information you need.

The type of material available for packing purposes is quite extensive. But at our company you will get all the right materials readily available for your job. When it comes to boxes, it is the primary thing that is required for all kinds of packing. The boxes that we have available are in a variety of sizes and materials. For added protection and care, we provide double wall boxes. For light weight purposes we have single walled boxes. When shipping items abroad you need to have even higher quality boxes to withstand the long journey and pressure. For this purpose we have a separate category of boxes available that we call the export boxes. For other kinds of purposes we also have BDCM boxes, Korrvu boxes, and cardboard sheet boxes available.

Another commonly required material for packing large sized items is stretch. We have this available in three varieties called the hand applied stretch, the machine applied stretch, and the machine and dispensers. The hand stretches films include speedy wrap, handy wrap, applied cast stretch, pre – stretch films, and blown stretch films. We have separate stretches available for wrapping machines and dispensers. Another common part of packing is strapping boxes to keep them strong. For this purpose we provide steel, plastic, and straps for dispensers and machines.

moving boxes Man and Van Star offers protection covers individually designed for all kinds of items that make them fit for transit purposes. For sofas and couches we have unique 2 seater covers, 3 seater covers, and 4 seater covers for sofas covers along with anti static bubble bags for added protection. We also offer plastic wrap for such big furniture items to make sure their outer fabric does not get dirty during the shipment process. The same way we also offer monitor and television covers. Other items like mattresses, chairs, blankets, quilts and other items that are prone to dirty are provided special covers to wrap them up in and keep them safe during the transit.

Some items require plastic boxes rather than cardboard boxes. For this purpose we have a different category of boxes available for those possessions that require a long term storing purpose. Other highly sensitive and expensive items like IT equipment or files that can get wet should be stored in these plastic boxes for ultra safety and protection. We also offer general purpose crate for other items that can be stuffed together but require a stronger protection from the outside. When moving a home you most certainly will have a book collection that you would not want to leave behind. To conveniently transit your books we have provided book movers that can arrange and protect all your books. Call us at 020 8746 4391 for more information on our packing and boxes options.

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