09 March 2016
Moving with Dogs - Use This Checklist

moving with dogs

Dogs are an important part of the family. They get to share pleasurable and sad moments with you, make you smile when you are feeling down, bring you joy as they do their silly things and overall just make your home a better and happier place.

House relocation is a big situation that will likely introduce a lot of stress to your life. There is no doubt that your pet dog will likely experience the same stress, as you begin your preparations, during the removal itself and after that, when getting used to the new environment. Do not make the mistake to ignore your pet, for they require support and care during this difficult time just as much as you do.

house relocation

One of the main things you need to keep in mind is how to move your dog and what items are required for the task. Following is information on the inventory you need to acquire for a safe and trouble-free relocation with your dog:

-    Carrier - if you have never moved your dog before, chances are that it isn’t used to the process and that you might have some trouble. The last thing you want is to have your dog trashing around the vehicle scared as you try to navigate an unfamiliar area. For this reason, if you don’t have an overly large dog companion, it might be worth it to consider an adequately-sized dog carrier. Make sure that you introduce the animal to it in advance, for they might feel stressed about it at first. Normally, you can expect a negative reaction initially, since they don’t have the habit of being closed in it yet, but they will soon enough learn to associate the carrier with safety and security. If you manage to introduce this feeling to your pet, which is usually done by putting their meal inside for a long enough period, you won’t have any trouble during the house removal, for your pet will actually feel much less stress inside the carrier.

dog carrier

-    Blankets, sheets and towels - if your dog is a large one, or you have transported it in your vehicle before, it is a good idea to ensure that the upholstery is protected. It is not difficult, as all you will ever need to do is lay a blanket, a sheet or a large enough towel on the seat your dog will travel on. This will prevent pet hair from shedding directly onto the fabric, which will in turn save you some cleaning effort.

relocation with dogs

-    Food and water - if the move is going to take a long time, you should make sure your dog is still getting enough water and food. After all, they are already under a lot of stress, so properly eating during this time is going to guarantee at least some comfort. Keep their food and water in re-sealable containers, which can be easily stored after use. Reduce the portion a little, if you fear your pet might have some stomach issues during the move.

dog food

-    Some toys - keeping the toys your dog likes to play with nearby can help them, as those are familiar objects they are used to. They will also be very useful after the removal, when your dog is still getting used to the new place.

dog toys

-    Some cleaning supplies - just in case your dog has an accident inside the vehicle, it is going to be a real bummer not to have an appropriate cleaning solution to address the issue right away. This is even more valid in case the move is going to take a long time and your dog isn’t used to such trips.

cleaning services

-    Vet-prescribed medication/sedative - if you have consulted with your vet about the move (which you should totally not forget about), and you both agree that it’s wise to keep your dog under a sedative during the move, then make sure you have that medication around. Some dogs just cannot get used to travelling in a moving van or other vehicle for that matter, so this is a solution you can consider.

dog sedative

Acquire every item on this list to guarantee that your dog travels as comfortable as possible during your relocation. Don’t forget that this is a trying time for your pet and you must guarantee their well-being then more than ever.

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