12 November 2013
Moving to Waterloo – Can be a Piece of Cake

Moving to Waterloo – It Can be a Piece of Cake


Moving in to the big city can be an exciting but also very daunting time in your life. While the hustle and bustle of the urban environment can be an amazing melting pot of culture and exciting nightlife, it can also present more sinister aspects, like higher crime rates and cramped conditions. Whatever your situation, do not let your relocation be ruined by the horrendous strain that is moving house; our handy hints will get from A to B in no time and with as little fuss as possible!

If you are moving in to the city, then you must think like a Londoner, and for those Londoners who are in vehicles, the first thought you should have is ‘Where will I park?’ It may be a dull thing to consider, but getting space off the road is a difficult task in the city, especially if you have a massive van full of furniture and other belongings to park up outside your new place!

If you are moving from a house in to a house then obviously this is unavoidable, but if you have a choice, then a couple of smaller trips in a transit rather than one in a lorry will likely keep you feeling more relaxed, and avoid the wrath of the city’s angry drivers! Get a permit if you can in advance, or find a small residential road nearby to the new property, where you will be able to park without any issues, and move your items from there. These are serious matters, as parking fines in London can be worth hundreds of pounds, and are not to be taken lightly!

Be wary of your furniture and whether it will fit in to your new place. You may be moving in to a flat that is the same size, or even bigger than your old one, but if the door way is much narrower, or if it has a strangely shaped corridor, you may find that you have to leave your sofa outside! Take a tape measure to visit the new place and make intensive checks as to the sizes of the rooms and door frames, this is the only way to avoid a disaster.

When you pack up your belongings, be vigilant in labeling them well, as this will quicken up the process considerably. Putting a rough inventory on the side of each box will allow you to find things without having to open other boxes, which is especially useful in case of an emergency. Label each box with which room it will be going to, and when you arrive, label each room with the appropriate name, so that the removal men can deposit your boxes appropriately. This will help you avoid extra work one the removals men have left. Draw up a plan of the new house and show where you want large or heavy items placed by drawing them in. This will stop you being asked where you want things placed by the Waterloo movers, as well as preventing any extra heavy lifting once the move is complete. These time saving tips are what will keep you from getting overly stressed on the day!

One of the most important things to remember when you are moving is to keep everyone feeling good, and healthy. encourage a couple of tea breaks and provide a few refreshments, this will keep the staff on your side and also prevent any accidents happening through tiredness. Try and keep calm, as getting panicked will only alienate you from your family and the movers, making the whole process even harder for everyone!

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