12 September 2016
Moving to Bloomsbury on a Budget

removals to Bloomsbury

Is it time to experience some life in a more culture-oriented and literary world? Always wanted to get to the home of the Bloomsbury Group and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and see the beautiful garden squares there? Bloomsbury has much to offer in terms of beauty and culture and there is a reason why people like Virginia Woolf and Charles Dickens spent a big part of their life there. If you are a bookworm yourself, or just a fan of the literary and visual arts, there will be no moment of boredom there. Of course, housing in Bloomsbury is not exactly the cheapest thing in the world and it will take its toll on your bank account. So one thing you can do when deciding on relocating there is cut the budget on the move itself. Impossible? Hardly.

Step 1 – Do Your Math

Sit down and do the numbers. You have X in the bank account, you need Y for housing, and you are left with Z as a budget for the move. The last is not a constant as you can always do a variety of things to lower it and it will be the number you will try to work with. Now let’s do that and change it up – or in this case, down – a bit.

moving costs

Step 2 – Downsize

The difference between spending a lot of cash on house removals and spending much less on a simple man and van or just the removal van is a good downsizing. Go through everything you own and set your priorities straight. Some things will not fit your new home, other things will not be necessary at all. Be practical and cut down as many items as you can.

relocation to Bloomsbury

Step 3 – Sell

All the items you downsized don’t have to go to the landfill. You can actually go to the flea market and sell as many of them as you can. That way you will add to the budget instead of taking away. Think of other ways of increasing the budget as well. Whatever is left and cannot be sold – just donate it. You still have to get rid of it, after all.

garage sale

Step 4 – The Packing

You do not have to use packing services. Once you decide on the man with van, go out and collect cardboard boxes from stores and markets. Acquire some sealing tape as well and there you go – you have the basics. You don’t even have to spend money on bubble wrap and packing peanuts or Styrofoam. Surely you have a big stash of newspapers and magazines you will never read. Use that to wrap all the items and place them as stuffing in the boxes – it’s just as good as the original packing supplies. All it takes is some resourcefulness and diligence while packing.

packing boxes

Step 5 – Pick Needs, Not Wants

When you are deciding on your new Bloomsbury house, you can actually focus on the needs more than the wants. Sure, we all want to have a house near the King’s Cross St Pancras, Russell Square, or Euston Square tube station so that we have convenient transportation links, or maybe an abode near the British Museum – but those are absurdly expensive! And what’s wrong with a nice house or flat in the outskirts, or near Tavistock Square, for instance? It’ll be still in Bloomsbury and you will have access to all the things you wanted anyway. Don’t be afraid of walking the area if it will save you money!

moving to Bloomsbury

Follow these tips and your house relocation will be much less expensive than you may have thought. You can save money on all kinds of things and with smart accommodation you will still have enough left to enjoy some time in the Dickens Museum or around any of the other great cultural spots Bloomsbury offers after the move.

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