30 March 2016
Moving to a New Home This Spring?

moving in spring

Moving house during spring can be a very relaxing experience. You did a wise choice – if it was a choice at all – of choosing the season for the move. It contains everything you want in a season to give you the right conditions for a relocation for a variety of reasons. You get to start the new seasonal year in a new home, you get the best weather, and that’s only the calendar reasons. If you think about it, there are many other benefits you get as well, so here is what you need to watch out for.

The Right Day
Apart from the right season, you also have to pick a good day to move. And, yes, there is such a thing as a right time to do so. Many people prefer to move on the weekend and schedule the relocation for a Friday or Saturday in order to skip having to take a leave from work. That means a huge rush for the moving companies on these days – and those are the days you should avoid. Take a leave from your job if you can and move in the middle of the week – a Tuesday or Wednesday will be perfect. That way you get a break from work, you can focus solely on the move, and then you get time to organise your new place, and then the weekend to rest it off.

moving day

The Prices
Another thing that relocating during spring will benefit you with is the pricing of the moving companies. Summer and autumn are considered the best seasons to move by movers and that’s why they charge the highest during that period. But in spring those prices are not moved and you can deal with a move on a much smaller budget. Cheaper services plus good weather makes for easy and calm transportation and removals.

removals prices

The Good Traffic
Spring is not generally associated with a lot of traffic. Unless many other families decide to follow your example and there is a huge real estate flow in this season (highly unlikely), you will get fewer problems reaching a removal company and you will encounter less traffic on the road. There will not be a huge flow of students seeking new housing when moving to a new college as it happens during summer and autumn; the only other traffic you will have to deal with is the regular British drivers. And while they can be a handful as well, at least there will be less to handle.

moving through traffic

No Holidays
One of the best things about spring is the lack of major holidays it has. Easter aside, you will avoid moving on any of the holidays during which you should be resting and you won’t have to spend your leave on them, or pay extra to the removal company for moving during a holiday. You will avoid Christmas and summer break, and all the rest of the days that you will want to spend with friends and family and definitely not packing or unpacking belongings.

house relocation

As you can see, spring is among the top contenders of the best season to move. You get the best weather, you get the best prices, and you get the best conditions. It is just like moving during the autumn, but without having to avoid the rush of students looking for flats and houses around colleges and universities. All you have to do is wait for a proper deal to pop up at your moving company of choice – then you take the deal and you will be free to enjoy your upcoming move.

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