12 November 2013
Moving to a Bigger, Lambeth Property

Moving to a Bigger, Lambeth Property


Whether you are moving into a new home because of necessity, maybe you’re expecting a child or have an unwell family member coming to live with you, or because you simply want to prepare for the future and can afford to do so now, you will need a lot of forethought.  As when you downsize your home, with upsizing there are a number of things to consider.  Familiarising yourself with these now may mean avoiding making mistakes when you move:


If your new home is a lot bigger than your old one, even with everything you own inside, it can feel empty and make you feel like you’ve not quite yet settled in.  To compensate for this people often buy lots of furniture and things to fill up the extra space and rush to settle in quicker, this leads to people buying things that they either don’t really need, don’t really want and sometimes don’t even like.  What’s worse is because you are stuck with them, anything further you buy will need to match, leading to more things you don’t really like much.   Try to be patient and brush off any desires to go impulse buying, you will most likely regret it later. To add to this, don’t be hasty and throw out furniture you have to buy new furniture to move in with (and fill the house more with) as again, this is likely to be something you will regret doing.  Before you do anything like this, give yourself time to settle into your new home and get used to the size of the property and the layout, getting a good idea what you need to buy for where and what you thought you’d need but don’t.

Energy Bills:

Consider how much more it is going to cost you to live in a bigger home, in terms of how much more the utility bills will come too. Bigger homes often need more energy to heat, meaning you will need to spend more to keep your home warm, you may not notice this in the summer months but it could drastically affect you during the cold winter months when you will be more reliant on your central heating system.  Furthermore, more rooms means you will need more light bulbs and there are more lights to be left on, more plug sockets and space for electrical items and appliance’s to go, all of this mounts up and can add hundreds on to your annual electricity bill.

Curtains and linen:

When you move into a bigger home you will have more windows, and you may not have enough curtains to cover these, which you will want to do in order to give yourself some privacy from your neighbours and avoid advertising your things to opportunists that happen to be passing.  The best thing to do is buy some cheap curtains to tide you over, your curtains are one of the attractions of your room, they are like a painting you would hang on the wall or a sculpture you’d place in your home, therefore you don’t want to rush into buying curtains you don’t really like.  If you buy cheap curtains to move in with, you can look for better curtains once you are settled.

The general rule of thumb is never be hasty, give yourself time to settle into your new home before you start decorating and deigning it. And always consider the costs involved in owning bigger property.

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