12 November 2013
Moving out from the Family Home - Options, Places and Ideas

Moving out from the Family Home – Options, Places and Ideas


Moving house for the first time is not only exciting, it’s also quite confusing. An apartment in the city or a house in the suburbs, or perhaps a change of scenery altogether? You’re young, with disposable income and craving independence, looking for somewhere to call your own. Whether you’re lucky enough to be looking for a place to buy, are looking for an apartment to share with friends or need to find accommodation quickly because of an exciting job offer, you may be able to afford more than you thought and there may be a few extra options to consider in our guide to moving away from home

Moving into a shared house

Moving into a shared house is a great option to enjoy the independence of living on your own, without the financial burden of having to manage bills and household issues alone. It is also a perfect option for people moving away for work, or back home after University. A shared house can also give you a social aspect which is lost when living alone, especially if starting a fresh in a new city. Your new house mates could become friends, or simply someone to share a brew with, either way, for many it is far better than living alone. Sharing is cheaper, and many properties come with inclusive bills, meaning less worry about unexpected costs and more money in your pocket to enjoy the financial benefits of working. Moving into shared accommodation as an adult is a perfect stepping stone between living at University or with parents and taking the plunge into your own house. In the capital, it is often the only affordable option for young professionals and across the country more and more are choosing to share much later in life.

Choosing a bedsit or studio

Perhaps you crave a more solitary life and are looking to live entirely alone. Well, a house or even an apartment is often a lot for one person on their own especially if you have a busy day between work, hobbies and a social life. Moving into a bedsit or studio is the perfect middle ground; they’re often very affordable, with many including a few if not all bills, and are often situated close to the city centre meaning it compliments your social life perfectly. In a studio you don’t have to worry about people stealing your food, waiting for the bathroom to be free and there’s no one to wake up if you come home late a bit worse for wear. They’re a great accommodation option for young professionals who feel a bit too old to be living in a room in a house, yet are still enjoying the care free lifestyle. Gone are the days of rusty bedsits or overprices studio apartments; these self-contained apartments are often very modern and come with everything you could need at an affordable price. They could also be the perfect option for getting a foot on the property ladder.

Buying or renting a house

If you’re one of the lucky few who are able to buy a home or are desperate to experience life over two floors then there’s nothing left but a house. The property market can be a complex place especially for those who are moving for the first time, so the first thing to do is to decide how much you need and where. Location is key and the number of bedrooms is important, especially if you’re planning to be in the house for a long time. You can choose from old homes to modern, new builds in a place that suits you. It’s also important to not get too caught up on minor details; a one bedroom house in the perfect location or a short drive from somewhere you’d like to be in the perfect house is worth considering as long as it’s a home you can afford.

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