13 September 2016
Moved to a Haunted House? What to Do

moving to a haunted house

Is it over? Is the chaos surrounding your home relocation finally behind you? No, not yet. The man with van team has just dropped off your belongings at your new dream home and soon you will personalise its rooms so that they match your needs and expectations. It won’t be long before you call this place home, just like the house you sold and used the money from the deal to get this one. Don’t be too quick to make plans though, as your home might be HAUNTED!

Much like in horror movies, you will suddenly realise that the dream you thought you were in can turn into a nightmare with the flick of a switch. It could be while you are leisurely biting off a quickly fixed sandwich or the first-days emergency packing supplies; it could happen while you are resting in your new bathtub, washing away the stress of the moving day; or you could be happily sleeping in your new bed, mentally preparing for unpacking removal boxes the next day. But IT is there to interrupt that activity and leave you shocked!


The sound - as if a metallic chain is being dragged along the floor. The faint laugh - like whispers of a laughing child carried across one room to another. The squeaky furniture - just like when the man and van team were loading it onto their van not long ago. It all sounds too real to be fake, and yet your mind cannot quite accept it; not yet. Not until you open the door and glance at the silhouette of a child, an old lady or a misshapen shadow turning around the corner of the corridor. Next thing you hear is your own scream, louder and longer than ever before. Who knew you were capable of making such sounds?!


First things first, you need to calm down. It could be far too stressing and frightening experience, but it won’t do you good to tear down your hair and scream your throat out. Fix yourself a cup of coffee, a tea, a glass of wine or a combination of these things, not necessarily in the listed order. You won’t be sleeping much that day anyway.

Next, your mission is to determine whether or not the home you have just moved in is truly haunted. In the best case scenario, it would be your imagination, perhaps post-traumatic stress syndrome caused by the unbelievably difficult house relocation. Only you know how much effort it cost you to find the right man with a van company for the job and how difficult it was to properly pack all of your belongings. Let’s not even mention moving that sofa with a fold-up bed. Take some days off, try to relax and see if the problem goes away.

haunted home

When you return, observe your home and see if your hear footsteps, creaking floorboards, phone ringing, giggles in the attic or doors being slammed. Couple that with shadowy figures in the mirror, water faucets and lights constantly turning off and on. If you do, then you have yourself a haunted situation.

Do not be ashamed of the morbid fear you are feeling right now, because anyone in your situation would have probably run away already. But not you! You have just gone through quite a stressful house relocation and you know better to immediately initiate a new one. It is far more preferable to exhaust all possible solutions against the ghost first, than pack again and go through the same moving process.

scary ghost

Let’s get started on your counter measures against the ghost:

-  Get a dog - dogs can sniff out a ghost a mile away and easily banish lesser spirits. Large breeds work best, although a smaller dog will too be able to detect a ghost - leaving the banishing part entirely to you.

get a dog

- Try to communicate with the ghost - ghosts remain for a reason. If you could find a way to communicate with it, maybe you can find what it wants and help it with its unfinished business.

communicate with the apparition

- Try to befriend the ghost - once the initial shock has passed, you may want to actually see if the ghost is maleficent or a friendly one. In the case of the latter, you are lucky - you can become friends and have the ghost help you out with furniture removal and unpacking. That would be awesome! You will not only get acquaint with a local, but also get help with a troublesome aspect of settling in your new home!

friendly ghost

This is just a simple example of moving in a haunted house scenario. Remember to keep your cool no matter what, so that you can resolve the issue in the best possible manner. You have been through worse (organising your house removal, for one), you will get through this as well.

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